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@Razilator RimJobWorld [+18]

Mod updated to the current version.

1 неделя, 4 дня назад
@Razilator Combat Extended

PyWorker, I will improve you!

4 недели, 1 день назад
@PyWorker Combat Extended

My great job at automating uploads! My version: 0.3. I try to improve according to my mood.

4 недели, 1 день назад
@Razilator Mechalit Core (Continued)

I speak as an admin, I only played with the Mechalit Core mod. Now another person has continued his work, adapting it to Rimworld 1.3.

2 месяца, 2 недели назад
@Razilator Victoria 8 Pro Bundle (G8F)

Nice, I like

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@Demalius Dark UI

Demalius, тест 4

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Sims 4 Studio for Windows

  • #Library and Core #Tools, assets
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  • Обновлен: 2 недели, 1 день назад
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    Автор(ы): andrew
  • Версия: 12.09.2021 /
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Перейти к загрузке 16.82 MB Не указано 12.09.2021 / 2 13/09/2021 в 10:55 Razilator

Added a temporary batch fix for the chair/barstool issue from the March 2021 patch. NOTE: This will remove all custom chairs from saved games, but they will work again once you re-buy them.

There is also a cheat code available to test that will update your save games so that the fixed chairs do not disappear from the game. If you do decide to try this, please do not delete the backup of your save game that is generated. If you want to try this, press Ctrl+Shift+C in Sims 4 Studio and enter "chairfix.savegames.update" without quotes. This will launch the batch fix window that will fix the save games. This cheat code is a test. Please do not delete the save game backup that Studio made before checking the integrity of your saved games if you run this cheat.

Added support for the Kits (Bust the Dust, Throwback Fit, and Country Kitchen)

Studio has added a batch fix that will update all CC makeup that currently is not working with the makeup slider system EA recently added.

The batch fix will also allow batch fixed eyeliners to work with the saturation slider and fixed blushes to work with the hue slider. Thank you to Feyona for this excellent idea and for testing the batch fix through several versions.

The pic below shows original blush and eyeliner in the left two images and modified versions of the same items after applying the in-game sliders (including hue and saturation) on the right.

Please note, this batch fix takes time to run, and the more items in the folder you run it on, the longer it will take. If you have a lot of makeup in one folder, you may want to start the batch fix when you're done using your game for the day (i.e. let it run overnight).

Added support for the LRLE image format (used by CAS makeup, skin tones, etc.) and a tools option to convert existing images in a package. Much thanks to tau534 and CmarNYC for reverse-engineering the format.
LRLE images can be imported as PNG or as an uncompressed DDS with mip maps (see settings below in Paint.NET, GIMP, and Photoshop).