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@Razilator RimJobWorld [+18]

Mod updated to the current version.

1 неделя, 5 дней назад
@Razilator Combat Extended

PyWorker, I will improve you!

1 месяц назад
@PyWorker Combat Extended

My great job at automating uploads! My version: 0.3. I try to improve according to my mood.

1 месяц назад
@Razilator Mechalit Core (Continued)

I speak as an admin, I only played with the Mechalit Core mod. Now another person has continued his work, adapting it to Rimworld 1.3.

2 месяца, 2 недели назад
@Razilator Victoria 8 Pro Bundle (G8F)

Nice, I like

2 месяца, 3 недели назад
@Demalius Dark UI

Demalius, тест 4

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Rimsenal - Augmented Vanilla Pack

Ссылка Инфо Язык Версия Загрузок Загружен Добавил
Перейти к загрузке 2.915 MB Мультиязычный 2021-08-24 0 26/09/2021 в 10:36 PyWorker

Look, I'm proud of being a person of good taste. What I mean is, I don’t want to touch those boorish alien Kill-O-Matic guns of megacorps. If you're a real rim pioneer, you can solve everything with your sturdy rifle. Come on you sons of Randy, my shiny bayonet wants to taste your blood!

The Rimsenal: Augmented vanilla pack is, as its namesake, designed to provide a variety of new equipment without compromising the unique ambiance of the Rimworld. The main purpose of the Augmented vanilla pack is to fill the gap between the existing equipment. There is no super equipment, but they're enough to keep you survive in this tough rimworld.

More Firearms!: To maximize your chances of surviving, you need more guns. It's a simple calculation. Several new guns are added to fill their own niches, such as carbine, battle rifle, and designated marksman rifle.

More Charge Weapons!: Doesn't it seem a bit lacking that the only spacer technology firearms available in this game are charge rifle and charge lance? Good, now you have more of them. These are variations of vanilla charge rifle, stable and powerful end-tier weapons overall.

Smart Weapons!: These are designed as replacements for charged-shot weapons. Firepower has not changed much from conventional firearms, but the user can fire faster and more accurately. If your settlement doesn't have proper shooters, it's a good choice to consider introducing smart weapons.

Styles!: Styles system of Ideology DLC affects some guns look. You can see them through the game.