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How to get the Little Fairy in Genshin Impact? Lost riches event guide

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Lost Treasures is an event in Genshin Impact version 2.0 in which you have to search for treasures with the help of a fairy explorer, earn coins and exchange them for rewards, including Source stones and Little Fairies. Learn about the event mechanics, pass rewards and tips to help you earn a lot of points.

The Little Fairy - Blueeyes is an item in the Genshin Impact. Find out how to use it and where to find it. We will also discuss its rarity, the effects that this material gives, and in general everything that concerns it. 

Event release date

The Lost Riches event starts on August 6 at 10:00 AM Server Time (12:00 AM UTC). It will be available for only 10 days - until August 16, 4:00 (06:00 Moscow time).

How to unblock an event

To participate in the Lost Riches you will need:

  • Adventure Rank 30 and above
  • Complete the Archons' mission "Escape from Rito Island"

How to get through Lost riches

The event takes place in Inazuma - you will need to find hidden treasures and save coins with the help of the fairy that Ulman will give you. As you search, you will find special clues that will help you determine the location of the main treasure.

It should be borne in mind that there will be 14 areas for finding treasures in total - new ones are opening every day.

Go to the treasure hunt area

After the fairy is given to you, go to the events menu and see which of the areas is highlighted with a red circle. This will be the area where you need to find all the coins.

After that, it remains only to teleport to the place with the help of the nearest teleport and find the desired zone. An area will appear on the minimap in which to search:

Find all the treasures with the help of the fairy

When you are in the desired area, do not forget to use the fairy - for this, go to the inventory, and in the tools section, "put on" the search fairy. Now it remains only to explore the entire area - when the treasure is close, the fairy will fly up to it, and you will need to "dig" it.


When you find all the coins or part of the map fragment, this will also be reported:


Solve puzzles and get rewards

After all the areas are open, a treasure map will be available to you - with its help you can find the place that is shown in the picture.

A puzzle will be waiting for you in the place shown. Summon the fairy to point you to the beginning of the test site. The puzzle is the tiles, which must be activated in the order indicated on the puzzle clues in the lower right corner.

Now you will receive a chest containing the Stones of the Source, Pestilence and other rewards.

Lost riches event rewards

For the passage of the event, as always, players will receive rewards: among them the Stones of the Source, the Pestilence, the Hero's Experience, the magic ore of enhancement and materials for increasing the talents of the characters.

In addition, the event has a special reward - little fairies. You can choose one of the four offered: Viola (purple), Sineglazka (blue), Rose (pink) and Turmeric (yellow).

Most of the rewards can be obtained in the event store for coins: