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@Razilator RimJobWorld [+18]

Mod updated to the current version.

2 дня, 6 часов назад
@Razilator Combat Extended

PyWorker, I will improve you!

2 недели, 6 дней назад
@PyWorker Combat Extended

My great job at automating uploads! My version: 0.3. I try to improve according to my mood.

2 недели, 6 дней назад
@Razilator Mechalit Core (Continued)

I speak as an admin, I only played with the Mechalit Core mod. Now another person has continued his work, adapting it to Rimworld 1.3.

2 месяца, 1 неделя назад
@Razilator Victoria 8 Pro Bundle (G8F)

Nice, I like

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@Demalius Dark UI

Demalius, тест 4

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Hive Cybernetics

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  • Добавлен: 2 месяца, 2 недели назад
  • Обновлен: 6 дней, 7 часов назад
  • Просмотров: 16
    Автор(ы): Luciferus
  • Версия: 29.04.2021
    Загрузок: 1
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Перейти к загрузке 77.5 MB Мультиязычный 29.04.2021 1 31/07/2021 в 14:58 Razilator

Hello all this is my first mod and it is mostly focused on a single player style but it can also be used to make a cyborg army if that is what you wish. If you like cyborgs and the hive race you may enjoy this mod. I like the design of the hive race a lot but I didnt like the fact that most of the armors in the vanila game hide the limbs and the body so I made a set of armor that has the look I desire and is based on the armors I normaly use ingame (I only use light leather armor sry).

Millennia ago at the height of the now defunct Hive Empire and driven by they're constant expansion the greatest cybernetician of his time Dr. Rygel Zool and his esteemed coleegue robotics expert Dr. Kyp Jubal developed enhanced cybernetics implants for the hive workers to help them survive while gathering resources from the most hostyle environments of the world. While most of they're secrets have been lost to time some blueprints still remain and have been found by the Western Hive and the Armor King.

Cyborg Worker Hive (all vanila variants)

This is a Hive race meant for solo endgame content with a special textured cyborg head and all the atributes of the skeleton race, same hp, regen and immunities except it is organic and is repaired with first aid and it still requires food same as the normal hivers.

Backpack Implant (thieves guild backpack atributes)
Head Implant
Chest Implant
Armor Implant (assassin's rags)
Legs Implant (samurai clothpants)

Armor is all leather and based of of ingame items. The chest armor uses the belt slot, for some reason I had texture problems with the chest slot and I never found out what the problem was.
Low quality versions of the implants and the backpack can be found with the western hive traders and high quality versions with the Armor King also all the Items have research available from lvl 6 (1 AI core cost).
All armor peaces should be compatible with the vanila hive worker race and with the prince and soldier hive races but without the head implant.

Cybernetics workbench (available at lvl6)

Everithing is added and does not modify the vanilla items also no items should spawn randomly ingame so it should be compatible with all other mods.

No special requirements
If you dont use it already I would highly recommend the excelent Hive Robotics Expanded mod it goes very well with my mod