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Mod updated to the current version.

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My great job at automating uploads! My version: 0.3. I try to improve according to my mood.

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I speak as an admin, I only played with the Mechalit Core mod. Now another person has continued his work, adapting it to Rimworld 1.3.

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Genshin Impact Banner Shogun Raiden

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Baal must be insane.

Shogun Raiden or Baal, the five-star electro-spear character in Genshin Impact, is not only the divine archon of the Inazuma region, but also one of the most sought-after playable characters in the game's history. Only now it is available.

Now that you probably haven't spent all the Source Stones on the Yoimia Banner to save up for the Raiden Banner, it's time to try your luck. But is choosing the Shogun Raiden a wise decision? Or you should wait for the second banner, which will have a Hydro character with a Catalyst, Kokomi ...

Here's everything you need to know before you decide to bet on Baal.

When will Raiden's banner in Genshin Impact end?

The Baal banner began on September 1, 2021 and will end on September 21 at 17:59:00 (Moscow time).

Is there a trailer with Shogun Raiden?

Yes! There is one video showing her story. Currently, you can enjoy a very dark trailer for the character Baal. See below:

What other characters are featured on Raiden's Genshin Impact banner?

Electro-Lancer Baal will be in the spotlight as the new five-star character. She will be joined by three FOUR-STAR characters:

  • Electro character with bow, Sarah
  • Anemo character with catalyst, Sucrose
  • Pyro character with a spear, Xiang Ling

Are you guaranteed to get Raiden in Genshin Impact?

Not really. You are not guaranteed to receive Baal, even if you roll her banner a lot (activate prayer). Fortunately, Genshin Impact has a mercy system. If you complete 89 attempts without earning a five-star award, you are guaranteed a five-star facility in your ninety draw. A guaranteed five-star property has a 50% chance of being the Shogun Raiden. If this five-star is not Raiden, then she will be the next five-star! This means that you will need no more than 180 prayers to EXACTLY receive the Baal.

If you participated in the previous event banner without earning a five-star character, your progress will be carried over to the Raiden banner. This means that you have a much better chance of getting it.

Remember that the character banner and the weapon banner have different stories, i.e. each species has its own statistics.

Is Raiden a good character?

She is a very versatile character. You can use her as a support character or auxiliary fighter to support your main attacker. The elemental skill Baal gives your characters a good buff, allowing them to deal electro damage with each hit.

Baal works great with other elements in your squad. As other characters use their elemental blasts (ultu), Baal gradually gains an increase in his elemental blast. Shogun Raiden's traits allow her to interact perfectly with almost any group. If you can regularly switch between Raiden and other characters, your squad will become much stronger.

Notably, Baal works very well in parties that use many elemental skills and rely heavily on energy. If you have such a group now, then Shogun Raiden is an amazing character.

Is it worth spending money on a Baal banner in Genshin Impact?

Yes, it is recommended to pay for this banner. Besides Shogun Raiden, you can also get Sucrose, Shin Ling, and Sarah. All four stars can be a fantastic gift for your squad this time around as you level up their constellations.

Xiang Ling can bolster your attack using her elemental skill, and she can easily attack the Hydro Abyssal Herald in the Twisted Abyss. If you don't have an Anemo Archon, Venti, then Sucrose is a great substitute. She can stun enemies with ease and effectively control a crowd of opponents.

Best of all, most of the characters in this banner will pair well with the Shogun Raiden. If you are interested in anyone featured in this banner, you should definitely roll the banner with Raiden.

What banner will be next after Raiden?

Baal will be followed by a banner with the Hydro character with the Catalyst, Kokomi. She is a healer character who can help your team if you are missing Jinn or Qi Qi.

It is currently unknown what four-star characters will be available on the Kokomi Banner.