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And you can't ignore mistakes?

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You are in the wrong place for the question

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@Razilator No Mosaic / Censor Mod for The Sims 4 - Toddler Compatibility Update!

wiebenor, Hello! Unfortunately, the mod has not been updated for a long time ... Therefore, most likely it is not compatible! I have a lot of work so far, so I can't update mods yet. Steam also disabled direct mod downloads for other games, which broke my automatic mod update system.

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@wiebenor No Mosaic / Censor Mod for The Sims 4 - Toddler Compatibility Update!

Forgive me for saying, but this mod doesn't work with the wicked whims mod and I'd like this functionality to be able to be used concurrently to, and with, wicked whims... There's supposedly clothing mods a guy can do, to enable something similar to the nudity I expect, but I have no clue how to mod clothes in Sims 4, and it's made to sound complicated when most people give directions, or they barely tell you anything besides the fact that it's as easy as"edit form fitting clothes and you're done"... Need to at LEAST get this mod working with wicked whims enabled...

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@Razilator Devious Desires

babaBuceta, honestly, I don't know, I haven't played this mod)

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@babaBuceta Devious Desires

how make rape interaction?

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Genshin Impact Banner Kokomi


Kokomi is a five-star hydro-catalyst character in Genshin Impact. She is the priestess of Watatsumi Island and its supreme leader. It is already known that, like Jinn and Qi Qi, she will become a supportive figure, namely a healer.

If you are in doubt whether you need to spin the Kokomi banner or this character is not needed by your team, and whether it is worth saving the Source Stones, our article will help you make the right choice!

When does Kokomi's banner in Genshin Impact start?
The banner with Kokomi starts on September 21, 2021 at 20:00 (Moscow time) and ends on October 12 at 17:00.

Is there a trailer with Kokomi?
Yes, here it is:

In addition to the character's trailer, the character's story is currently available:

What other characters are featured on Kokomi's Genshin Impact banner?

Rosaria - Cryo Spearman, one of the most powerful characters with physical damage;
Xing Qiu - Hydro-Swordsman, one of the best supports in the game;
Bei Doe - Electro-two-handed, versatile character with the ability to level up in different roles.

Are you guaranteed to get Kokomi in Genshin Impact?

No, not guaranteed. You can get a guarantee for Kokomi or another character from the limited banner only when you scroll about 90 spins. This is called the mercy system. However, if you get a 5-star character, and it turns out to be a standard one (any of the characters in the standard banner), then you will have to spin about 90 spins again to get Kokomi. It turns out that in order to accurately knock out a certain limited character, you will need a maximum of 180 prayers.

Remember that prayer progress is preserved. If you spun the banner and a new update came out, your scrolls are not reset, but continue to accumulate.

Is Kokomi a good character?

Although we do not yet have a complete understanding of the character's strength, we already know her skills and abilities. Kokomi is a support character whose main task is to heal allies. Jinn, Qi Qi or Barbara have similar techniques. Most likely, Kokomi will become a new "must-have" character in Genshin Impact, since according to rumors, new enemies in the next updates will take away a large amount of health, and Zhong Li's shield will not help here.

So if your team needs a very strong support character or healer, Kokomi can be a great option. It also works well for elemental reactions. As soon as there is more information about this character's strength, we'll be sure to let you know more!

What banner will be after Kokomi?

Hu Tao is a character from Genshin Impact

Although it is still too early to talk about it, the community believes that after Kokomi we will have a reran (repetition) of one of the old characters, and it may very well be Hu Tao. This is indicated by the lack of announcement of a new 5-star character, as was the case with Raiden, Kokomi, Ayaka or Yoimiya. This time, the developers presented us only to Tom, which means that he will get into one of the restarts.

Keep in mind that such early information should not be trusted. It's best to wait for confirmation from the developers themselves!