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all good

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The mod has been updated to the latest version.

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carnalxerotica, glad you found it useful!

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this mod is really helpful :)

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Yodi, в разных точках мира кенши. Автор специально так сделал, чтоб искать было их с трудом. Я ответить конкретно на ваш вопрос не могу, т.к как почитав комментарии в стиме, ничего дельного по поводу нахождения не нашел.

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[KV] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats

  • Rimworld -> Mods
  • Добавлен: 2 месяца, 3 недели назад
  • Просмотров: 37
    Автор(ы): Kiame Vivacity
  • Версия: 2021-09-08
    Загрузок: 6
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Show hair for all hats.

Select which hats do hide hair from Mod Settings.

Hide All Hats from Mod Settings

Will work with mods that add new hats

Supports current saves and can be removed without breaking saves

How the mod works
This mod only tells the game when hat/hair will be drawn. If hair is being drawn in front of hats, look elsewhere as this mod in no way changes the "depth" on which either is rendered.

Direct Download:

Ludeon Thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=33575.msg342365#msg342365

GitHub: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-showhair

Supports current saves and should work with all hats added by mods.

When changing whether a hat hides hair, if a pawn is wearing that hat their portrait will not update until they change something (like remove/put back on the hat).

Supported Mods;
Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
Any mod that adds hair styles
NewRatkin+ (must be after this mod in load order)
NAL Facial Animations: disable "draw eyebrows over hat" in that mod's settings

More information regarding "Don't Shave Your Head" mod setting- https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=36597.0

May work now with:
Children and Pregnancy
Vanilla Expanded Framework (VEF): (Thanks Sleepy068)
- Ensure VEF is near the top of the load order, this is actually recommended for this mod.
- Ensure VEF is above EPOE if you use it.
- Ensure VEF is below Save Our Ship 2 if you use it.
- Disable Texture Caching in VEF mod settings

Conflicts with:
Facial Hair
FCP Institute and Railroad Teaser
Combat Extended

For anyone still asking about CE support - there is none. I will not tolerate demands to support CE and I will delete all further CE comments. This mod has never actively supported CE and if, by chance, it worked with CE that was only coincidence. If anyone who wants to update the CE code to support this mod, they can. If anyone finds a way to add CE support to this mod, make a PR on this mod's github page and I'll review/include those changes. Beyond that there will not be support for CE.

Like my mods? Consider supporting me!

Thanks To:
Thanks to "YouAllJilao" for creating "Headgear Frame" and "Vaniat" for supporting it. That mod gave me the idea to do this mod.
Thank you Diana Winters for the Orassans which is the 'cat' pawn in the screen shot.
Thank you NoImageAvailable and Dark_Inquisitor for the Don't Shave Your Head code

- Proxyer - Japanese
- Juijote! - Chinese

Code Support:
- LockdownX7