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I added at your request fashion. Noir's Rifle Slings Katanas and Machetes on Back or Belt

2 дня, 3 часа назад

Ximerius, steam has disabled my account with download support... My automatic mod version control system has stopped working. I'll try to figure out what's wrong, so the mods will be delayed in downloading for now.

6 дней назад

hey man, hope all is well with you. if you could add these when you'll have time would be much appreciated. Noir's Rilfe Slings, Katanas and Machetes on Back or Belt. thanks

6 дней, 8 часов назад
@Razilator Authentic Z

Ximerius, good. I was away. All added what you asked for.

1 неделя, 4 дня назад
@Ximerius Authentic Z

Razilator, honestly, thank you ! i've found some good ones for the immersion purposes ... Better Belts ; Harry's Healthier Skin Complexions . i won't bother you again for a while, i promise. :)

1 неделя, 5 дней назад
@Razilator Authentic Z

Ximerius, thank you very much for your feedback. I will try to work even more on automating the system for adding mods and updating. Thanks to people like you, I feel motivated again to work with code for uploading mods. Mods have been added at your request and will be updated automatically if the mod is updated in Steam. And yes! Friend! NE ZA CHTO!)

2 недели назад

Instant Item Transfer & Dextrous Trait Buff [B41]

  • Project Zomboid -> Mods
  • Добавлен: 6 месяцев, 3 недели назад
  • Просмотров: 120
    Автор(ы): Poet
  • Версия: 2021-06-04
    Загрузок: 15
Ссылка Инфо Язык Версия Загрузок Загружен Добавил
Перейти к загрузке 264 KB Мультиязычный 2021-06-04 15 03/11/2021 в 00:15 PyWorker
Item transfer between all containers and in all situations is now faster or even instant, depending on your chosen traits, in three available flavors. Compatible with existing saves.

This mod should also indirectly speed up cooking / ingredient preparation a bit.
Yes, I even changed the All Thumbs trait because the current penalty is pure madness.

Three different options to choose from, you only need to activate one:
1) Dextrous Trait Buff - 80% Faster
Option only affects traits! Dextrous trait now gives 80% faster item transfer time instead of 50%. All Thumbs trait transfer time penalty reduced from 4X (400%) to 2X (200%).

2) Dextrous Trait Buff - 100% Faster
Option only affects traits! Dextrous trait now gives 100% faster (instant) item transfer time instead of 50%. All Thumbs trait transfer time penalty reduced from 4X (400%) to 2X (200%).

3) Instant Transfer Everything
Transfer time of all items should now be (almost) instant for everything and in every situation, regardless of the traits. With this option, the Dextrous trait itself becomes basically useless and the All Thumbs is now just pretty much free trait points. You're welcome, I guess?

Damaged hands or poor health will slow down item transfer even with instant options.

Cheat Menu's Instant Actions option is broken in the current version of the mod (2.9.1). It also modifies the same function, but then again this mod mostly replaces Instant Actions.

Do you also want better and detailed categories for items? Check out Better Sorting !
Dedicated hotkey for grabbing everything and sitting down? Check out Fast Keys !
How about better item management and faster stockpiling? Check out Unpack !

Workshop ID: 2488423408
Mod ID: POETDextrousBuff100
Mod ID: POETDextrousBuff80
Mod ID: POETInstantTransfer100