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all good

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@Razilator Rain Wash

The mod has been updated to the latest version.

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@Razilator Менеджер модов / Sims 4 Mod / CC Manager

carnalxerotica, glad you found it useful!

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this mod is really helpful :)

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Yodi, в разных точках мира кенши. Автор специально так сделал, чтоб искать было их с трудом. Я ответить конкретно на ваш вопрос не могу, т.к как почитав комментарии в стиме, ничего дельного по поводу нахождения не нашел.

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@Yodi Radiant Primordial Hive

Где найти этих рекрутов?

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Xenobionic Patcher

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This patcher mod looks through most of the surgery operations, and matches your modded surgeries (like new bionics) with your modded races and animals. In other words, if you have a bionic expansion mod like FSF's Vanilla Bionics Expansion, EPOE, or RBSE, and a set of modded races or animals, this patcher will match them together a few different ways (examples in quotes):

  1. If the surgery works against a "Leg", and your pawn has a "Leg", your pawn gets the operation option.
  2. If the surgery works against a different named part, but your pawn definition really calls it a "Leg" in the label, the body part will be mapped together and your pawn will get other "Leg" operations. This mapper is smart enough to strip out certain adjectives from labels ("left front leg" or "big leg (first)"), and comes with a premade static list of part mappings.
  3. If the surgery is called "Install bionic arm", and your pawn also has a surgery called "Install bionic arm", the body part will be mapped together (like "Arm" → "Tentacle") and your pawn will get other "Arm" operations.

On top of the surgery-to-race compatibilities, Xenobionic Patcher will also link humanlike operations with animals and visa-versa. Think of the possibilities:

  • Do your animals need bionic legs or an Orion Exoskeleton from Glitter Tech? You got them!
  • Is your best colonist quickly dying from a shot to the heart (only alive because of Death Rattle) and the only other heart you own is some bionic animal heart you bought cheap from a trader? You can save him!
  • Do you want those sweet Genetic Rim animal implants for yourselves? Install them freely!

This patcher does not create any items or pawns. It merely links already known operations to other races and animals.

With this mod installed, you don't need any additional race or animal patchers. However, they shouldn't interfere with Xenobionic Patcher, even if you do.

Requires HugsLib.

Load Order

Put this dead last for best compatibility! After any race mods, animal mods, bionic mods, medical mods, surgery mods, etc.

Q: Does this work on animals?

A: Yes, both animals and modded races get the extra surgeries. So, if you need to install regular bionics or prosthetics onto an animal, you can.

Q: Does this mean I no longer need animal prosthetic mods?

A: Yes and no. If you don't install them, then your animals can use the standard humanlike prosthetics. However, you may still want to install them to use some of the extra abilities, like Cyber Fauna's Battle Boosters or Genetic Rim's animal implants.

Q: Animal bionics in human races?! That sounds overpowered. Can I disable that?

A: Sure. The config screen has lots of options.

Q: My pawn has body part X and I can't install bionic part Y onto it.

A: It's probably a bug or something I can fix. Report it![github.com]

Keep in mind that body parts need to be a 1:1 match of the operation you're trying to perform. For example, an Elder Thing's respiration cell cluster is plantlike combination of a heart and a lung and it would require a special bionic part to replace. If that bionic part doesn't exist, there's no surgery operation to install.

Q: Is this save-game compatible?

A: Yes, you can add this mod to an existing save game.

Q: I have a mod that adds body parts. Does this add those body parts to other creatures?

A: No, this mod only targets surgeries. Copying new body parts to different creatures or human-likes is very difficult to do dynamically for anatomical reasons. For example, if a mod adds blood to humans, where can you draw the line for other creatures? Do androids have blood? Elder Things? Cleaning robots? If extra arms are added to a human, should those arms be added to a snake? Are we now allowing Trogdors? There's not enough detail to tell which bodies should have the extra body parts and which shouldn't.

The body part mod creators have the best knowledge on how to apply them to other creatures. Sometimes they add them to any creature that has a specific part, and perhaps it just needs a tweak to support a different part