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And you can't ignore mistakes?

1 week, 4 days ago

You are in the wrong place for the question

1 week, 4 days ago
@Razilator No Mosaic / Censor Mod for The Sims 4 - Toddler Compatibility Update!

wiebenor, Hello! Unfortunately, the mod has not been updated for a long time ... Therefore, most likely it is not compatible! I have a lot of work so far, so I can't update mods yet. Steam also disabled direct mod downloads for other games, which broke my automatic mod update system.

3 weeks, 4 days ago
@wiebenor No Mosaic / Censor Mod for The Sims 4 - Toddler Compatibility Update!

Forgive me for saying, but this mod doesn't work with the wicked whims mod and I'd like this functionality to be able to be used concurrently to, and with, wicked whims... There's supposedly clothing mods a guy can do, to enable something similar to the nudity I expect, but I have no clue how to mod clothes in Sims 4, and it's made to sound complicated when most people give directions, or they barely tell you anything besides the fact that it's as easy as"edit form fitting clothes and you're done"... Need to at LEAST get this mod working with wicked whims enabled...

3 weeks, 5 days ago
@Razilator Devious Desires

babaBuceta, honestly, I don't know, I haven't played this mod)

1 month, 2 weeks ago
@babaBuceta Devious Desires

how make rape interaction?

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Zodiac Signs

Link Info Language Version Loads Loaded Created by
Go to download Rus by Alexander Russian 24.09.2021 / 2.2 12 26/09/2021 в 10:43 Razilator
Go to download 340.71 KB Multi 24.09.2021 / 2.2 25 26/09/2021 в 10:43 Razilator

Now characters with zodiac signs will behave autonomously in accordance with their sign. For example, Libra was a good conversationalist in The Sims 2, so in The Sims 4 they will be outgoing and friendly towards other Sims too! And also, the characters can easily converge if their zodiac signs are compatible. In total, there are 4 levels of compatibility for owners of different zodiac signs. Beware of incompatibilities! And do not be surprised at the constant disputes between representatives of incompatible signs, because it could be even worse ... However, this does not mean at all that they will immediately hate each other, it will just be quite difficult for them to find a common language, so the relationship will grow more slowly.

This mod adds the ability to have (all) Zodiac Traits, the Zodiac Traits will be added to the Rewards Store for 0 satisfaction points, these traits are here to give your Sims more personality without taking up the 3rd Trait slot.

Sims will receive different moodlets depending on their zodiac traits. Each zodiac trait will match your Sim's zodiac trait, and each trait will highlight negative and positive whims, for example:

Meet someone new (as a Leo) and join the fight (as a Scorpio).

Added a feature whereby Sims receive a relationship boost from NPCs or city dwellers, if their zodiac signs are compatible with each other, they will also receive +1 lucky intimacy buff by name:
Good compatibility with * compatible sign *

The buff is always active if the sim is talking, communicating or near a compatible sim, and therefore the buff has no duration, each zodiac trait will have 2 favorite zodiac signs, for example: Capricorn is compatible with Cancer and Taurus and thus a positive effect and strengthening of relations with them will take place, this effect affects friendly and romantic interactions by 1.1 times.