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Yayo’s Animation

* Add Animation for Pawns
  • Animations can be individually turned off in the options menu.
    Use only the animations you want.
* Marriage Ceremony

* Burning & Roll

* Joy

* Funeral

* Lovin

* Work

* Walk

* Sleep

* Eat

* Weapon

* And Others
  • About 90 actions are animated. (almost every action)
* Options
  • Walk Animation Angle
  • Walk Animation Speed
  • Animations can be individually turned on/off.
* Language

* Recommand Mods
* Known Issues
    A mod to change the texture to high quality andIf you use HAR race mod at the same time, there is a problem of splitting the head image.Using the mod below will fix the bug.

Download: Yayo’s Animation [4.523 MB] (2021-08-26)

Author: YAYO

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