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WTH retexture [JGH]

What The Hack?! Retexture
— This mod only changes the graphics
— Safe to add or remove from a save game

The textures of What The Hack?!, one of the best mods in Rimworld, are really cool.
But there seems to be some dissonance with today’s Rimworld graphics.
I’ve been waiting for someone’s new texture for a long time…
but I can’t wait any longer.

Thanks to roolo for making this awesome mod!

Just place it under What The Hack?!

Rogue AI

Mechanoid Platform

Hiveship Hacking Facility

Mechanoid Hacking Facility

Mechanoid Workshop

Mechanoid Parts

Extracted Brain Data

Hive Data

16 Modules

*My Retexture Mod

SRTS Expanded
Old Genesis
Questionable Ethics Enhanced
Simple Eye
Android Tiers Skymind
Colony Manager
Repair Workbench & Mend And Recycle & Repairable Gear
EPOE & EPOE Forked
CE Loading Bench

Download: WTH retexture [JGH] [0.363 MB] (2021-09-30)

Author: jeonggihun

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