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World Edit by Arnie

And again, the author pleases us with an interesting mod related to the Sims worlds. Remember how in the previous series of the line we could decorate towns? Now it is possible to do this in The Sims 4, but only, unfortunately, on one map, namely in Newcrest.

— This is an in-game toolbox for customizing and creating your own world in The Sims 4!
— You can add various decorations, trees, interactive objects, ponds and seas, roads, and even open areas (including interactive ones) to create your own semi-open world.
— This giant 750×750 blank canvas is waiting for you to start creating your own world!

To install this mod, carefully read the installation instructions.

Download: World Edit by Arnie [45 MB] (v2.1)

Author: Arnie

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