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Weapon Racks

Show off your colony’s weapons arsenal with these presentation-oriented storage racks!

Mod Contents

Weapon Racks adds three new stuffable 1×1 tile storage shelves for LWM’s Deep Storage, with 2, 3, or 4 slots for storing weapons.

Weapon Racks only hold a small number of weapons compared to closed Weapon Cabinets or Weapon Lockers, but items can be placed into them relatively quickly. They also increase the beauty in a room and let you present the stored contents in a variety of aesthetically pleasing configurations:

Mod settings allow you to adjust the size, position, and alignment of individual weapons in different orientations for the perfect presentation!

Mod Compatibility

Weapon Racks requires LWM’s Deep Storage to function.

Weapon Racks are compatible with Combat Extended, and CE ammo can both be stored in Weapon Racks and visually adjusted in mod settings.

Technical Details

Weapon Racks pre-caches presentation positions and content references for performance. As such, if individual weapon adjustments are made while a game is loaded, a re-render may need to be triggered for individual racks by either cycling through their Orientation options or ejecting and re-storing a weapon.

Preset adjustments for many vanilla weapons are included with this mod. All ammunition from Combat Extended is also preset to 0.5 size. In addition, weapon mod authors can include preset adjustments for their weapons by using the following Def:

<?xml version=»1.0″ encoding=»utf-8″ ?> <Defs> <!— Compatibility Defs for Weapon Racks —> <WeaponRacks.WeaponAdjustmentDef MayRequire=»Aelanna.WeaponRacks»> <defName>ExampleDefName</defName> <thingDef>ExampleDefName</thingDef> <sizeFactor>1.0</sizeFactor> <horizontalOffset>0.0</horizontalOffset> <verticalOffset>0.0</verticalOffset> <rotationHorizontal>0</rotationHorizontal> <rotationVertical>0</rotationVertical> </WeaponRacks.WeaponAdjustmentDef> </Defs>

Using a WeaponAdjustmentDef does not require setting Weapon Racks as a dependency; it will be safely ignored if Weapon Racks is not loaded.

Credits & Links

As usual, many thanks to the members of the #mod-development channel on the Rimworld Discord server!

If you enjoy this mod, please check out my other Rimworld mods on Steam Workshop!

Download: Weapon Racks [766.5 KB] (2022-04-04)

Author: Aelanna

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