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Waste Tyrants: Creature Mod

Yeeeep, another dino. Except this one is much bigger and exists purely to spite those who take offense to my horrid crime of making a dinosaur for kenshi instead of those creatures you see on concept art.

Stuff yall need to know:

Western Tyrant: Posterchild that can be found wandering around and munching on beak things on the western side of the continent.

Eastern Tyrant: colorswapped version that can be found eating everything moving on the eastern side of the continent.

Tyrant Backpack: haphazard backpack pre-emptively included to satiate all the users who are gonna demand a tamebeasties patch.

Goliath Variants: You can find Goliath variants about the world, but due to their massive size they make ♥♥♥♥♥♥ companions so they are not made recrutable. [Yall probably going to make a damn patch regardless]
Recrutable versions: Only tyrants with the tag JUVANILE are recrutable if stuck in a cage. They have a decent chance of spawning in nests around the world. Why would I do this? I fundamentally reject the idea of a single dude hauling a 25 ton dinosaur across the world and putting it in a cage intended for a 1.5m tall man ape. [Yall probably going to make a damn patch regardless]
Primary locations: tho you can find them scattered across the world there are two locations that have the densest populations and chances of spawning nests. Leviathan Coast for western tyrants, and Darkfinger/TheUnwantedZone for eastern tyrants.

Download: Waste Tyrants: Creature Mod [19.143 MB] (2021-09-01 12:57:00)

Author: LordHapless

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