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W900 Semi-Truck

Adds a new non-military Semi-Truck and compatible Semi-Trailer in multiple variants to the game.

  • New semi-truck in 3 variants (Lite, Sleeper, Box)
  • New semi-trailer (Van, Fuel Tanker)
  • Animated vehicle parts.
  • Multiple texture variants and model parts.
  • Truck can be outfitted with custom armor and bullbar.
  • Truck can pull all KI5 semi-trailers except for the fuel tanker.
  • Trailer lights will synchronize with the towing vehicle.
  • Custom lightbar.

Known issues:
Due to the size of the vehicles, it sometimes may not be possible to open/close the rear door to access the trunk. If this happens, rotate the vehicle a little bit.

Other mod suggestions:

Big Thanks to KI5 for making his truck and car mods. Without his work, this mod here wouldn’t exists in the first place.

For server admins, the new vehicles and trailers can be spawned via:
/addvehicle Rotators.SemiTruck
/addvehicle Rotators.SemiTruckLite
/addvehicle Rotators.SemiTruckBox
/addvehicle Rotators.SemiTrailerVan
/addvehicle Rotators.SemiTrailerCistern

Workshop ID: 2759339330
Mod ID: rSemiTruck

Download: W900 Semi-Truck [21.8 MB] (2022-05-01)

Author: Lexx, Wipe

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