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Volkswagen Transporter T3

this mod adds Volkswagen T3 to the game.
Now there are two versions, passenger and cargo.
the passenger compartment accommodates 6 people and 100 kg of cargo in the trunk, and the cargo one 250 kg and two people.
engine power is 4000 and the maximum speed is 90 km per hour.

The third generation was produced from 1979 to 1992. and was the last generation with rear wheel drive. After the 1968 VW 411/412, the T3 is Volkswagen’s last air-cooled rear engine. In 1982 the air-cooled models were replaced by water-cooled models.

Like all Transporters, the third generation was also called Type 2. Within this series, individual models had the internal designation T1, T2 and T3. In this case, we are talking about an unofficial name, although in the end the T3 name for this model range won. Officially, the line of these cars was called the T2-model ’80. The T3 design had the internal designation EA 162. EA = «Entwicklungsauftrag» (German — development order).

Model history
While Volkswagen used the engine and chassis from the VW-Type 1 (Beetle) and Type 82 to build its first minibus, which were improved upon the construction of the T2, the proposed T3 in May 1979 was the first VW minibus designed from scratch. Despite the larger body, it had many new technical solutions — a toothed steering rack, a double wishbone front suspension with coil springs, a rear axle with oblique arms and coil springs, and a spare wheel located on a special mount under the nose of the car.

The new T3 was much more spacious: the wheelbase and length of the car increased by about 60 mm. The T3 was 12.5 cm wider than its predecessor and also 60 kg heavier, even with the weakest engine (1,365 kg). Now the 37 kW air-cooled (50 hp) motor had, as well as the inherited 51 kW (70 hp) motor from the previous model, a round air-cooled fan on the crankshaft, so now the engine compartment lower by approx. 880 mm).

Download: Volkswagen Transporter T3 [6.2 MB] (2022-04-17)

Author: zhek

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