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Vanilla Ideology Expanded — Dryads


1.0 (15/01/2022): Release

Vanilla Ideology Expanded is a mini-series of mods aimed at expanding the content in ideology — be it memes, relics and symbols or icons alike.

Vanilla Ideology Expanded — Dryads is a mod expanding on the selection of gauranlen dryads in the Ideology DLC. Whilst the idea behind them fulfilling the majority of the roles in your colony is neat, the current selection of dryads feels lackluster — they don’t particularly have any powerful abilities worth mentioning.
This mod changes that — from new dryad types that fill roles not explored before, to upgrades to existing dryads, the whole gauranlen dryad system can finally become a focus point of the colony.

Integration with the Vanilla Ideology Expanded — Anima Theme also means that these new dryads get a reskin that suits Anima style if you have this mod active.
This mod is meant to enhance Mr Samuel’s new Youtube series with some more dryad variety. Go check out his Youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/c/MrSamStreamer/videos?app=desktop

A: Can I add it mid-playthrough to an existing save?
A: Yes, you should definitely be able to! Remember that removing mods can be a bit more complicated.

Q: Does this mod work with another mod that changes or adds Dryads??
A: Yes, but remember they won’t have their awakened versions unless the modder adds them!

Q: Where should this mod be placed in the mod load order queue?
A: Anywhere under Ideology.

Q: Does this work without Ideology?
A: No.

Q: Does this work with Combat Extended?
A: It should be patched shortly!

Q: How can I awaken dryads?
A: Simply select three dryads of the same type and create the awakening cocoon!

Q: Do awakened dryads count towards the dryad limit on the gauranlen tree?
A: No, they become unshackled, but at some point die from separation sickness.

Q: Can I shackle the unshackled dryads?
A: No.

Q: How many shackles would an unshackled dryad sackle if an unshackled dryad could unsackle shackles?
A: No.

No issues are currently being tracked. If you encounter an issue, make sure you have a Hugslib mod running. Go to dev-mode console and press the green ‘Share Logs’ button and paste it in the comment section.

Oskar Potocki, an artist responsible for graphic design.
Sarg Bjornson, a coder responsible for the code of the mod.
Taranchuk, a coder who helped tremendously.
Reann Shepard, a creative writer.
Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.
(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)[creativecommons.org]

Download: Vanilla Ideology Expanded — Dryads [1.8 MB] (2022-05-03)

Author: Sarg Bjornson, Oskar Potocki

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