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Undead Survivor

This mod adds currently 1 new outfit called «Stalker».
More to come soon soonish.

Server owners be aware that i might update that mod a few times in this early stage!
— Outfits will spawn on zombies, this is the only way you can find them
— You can tuck the trousers into your shoes
— Hood up and Hood down feature for the cloak
— All objects have proper ground objects when placed down
— Male and female compatible
— Blood, dirt and holes appear on the right spots

The specifications of the outfit is based on vanilla Leather clothes and machete, but are slightly better in some aspects.
Example: The Stalker Jacket weight less then the normal long jacket and has slightly better protection due to the high quality material, but the insulation and wind resistance is slightly less since its a thinner and lighter jacket.
  1. Stalker Mask (Does not not spawn always)
  2. Stalker Cloak
  3. Stalker Jacket
  4. Stalker Trousers
  5. Stalker Gloves (Does not not spawn always)
  6. Stalker Boots
  7. Stalker Knife (Does not not spawn always)


Will this mod work with a existing savegame?


Which game version works with this mod?

I have tested it with game version 41.65

I cannot find your Outfit

The Outfit is indeed very rare. Its hard to say how much the chance is exactly.
But i have seen a few of them after a few minutes of running around in a city with zombie count on «insane».
You can find them everywhere, but at «survivalist» camps they are more common.

What outfits will come next?

Sometimes i post in my «kofi» stuff i am working on.

Download: Undead Survivor [18.2 MB] (2022-03-28)

Author: Scavenger

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