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Ultimate Mod Manager

The Sims 4 Ultimate Mod Manager is a fully featured mod and custom content management application for The Sims 4.

Please note that the app is still under development. You may run into some bugs or things that are just not quite right. If you do, please let me know and I will do my best to release a fix as soon as possible!


— Switch between multiple libraries and manage them on the fly
— Create, rename and delete libraries inside the application
— User-friendly design
— Load / unload multiple mods at the same time using multi select
— Drag and drop files to the upload / download list to send them to the appropriate directories (even works from WinRAR)
— Automatic detection and identification of various types of CC
— Ability to automatically unload mods when you exit the game
— Multiple browsing styles for your mod lists

How to use:

When you launch the application, it will drop a folder into your document folder called «TS4Libraries» (this will be configurable in the future).
Any subfolder in this folder will be treated as a library and will appear in the «libraries» section of the application.
When you select a library, all CCs in the library populate the «Unloaded» list, where you can load it into your mods folder.
Unloading the mod will move it back to the currently selected library.

Download: Ultimate Mod Manager [1.98 MB] (v1.2)

Author: Jibby

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