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T’s Samurai Faction

Welcome my fellow Ronin!

This mod is still WIP everything added so far is listed below. Things may change.

This mod contains A full set of samurai factions, furniture, gear, weapons, styles, and other items.

This mod is using Vanilla Factions Expanded as a framework so that mod is required.

The item amount and balance should be similar to the other vanilla factions expanded mods.

Let me know what you think.

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Adjusted moromi cost to be less rice
Nerfed straw coat cold insulation
Buffed almost all clothing cold insulation

Oni Gear research after getting recon armor and charge munitions tech. Can be built at the fab bench. This might change and I might remove the research.

Oni Helmet — similar to marine helmet but slightly less armor and + pain threshold
Oni Armor- similar to marine armor but slightly less armor and + pain threshold
Oni Cannon- weaker then charge lance but better range
Oni Kanabo — better than mace and has good armor pen, weaker than zeus hammer

Minor adjustments to matchlock balance, a bit slower to fire and slightly less accurate
Samurai gear now leather stuffable

Bug fixes

Added Masamune and Muramasa, rare unbuildable swords that can be bought from samurai towns, or certain traders.

Added swordsmith caravan trader type for samurai factions has a chance to carry legendary swords

Added 400 cloth at ronin start for those that want to make cloth beds/ futons

Fixed some spelling errors

Fixed Nickname creation

Added Bushido Style furniture. Tables, dining chair, and stool. fixed some bugs and added bushido style items rotation so they look more natural on the ground. Something the base game didn’t do properly.

Added Dango you can cook. It is equal to a fine veggie meal and can be made at the Iori, fueled stove, and electric stove.

Added so far
-Melee weapons-
Legendary Swords (Masamune and Muramasa)
Oni Kanabo (Hi-Tech Stuff)

-Ranged weapons-
Tanegashima Matchlock
Tanegashima Short Matchlock
Hand Mortar
Oni Cannon (Hi-Tech Stuff)

Straw hat (heat insulation)
Straw coat (cold insulation)
Headband (pain threshold boost)
Ninja Mask (increase melee dodge)
Gi (for under armor)
Kimono (all around decent insulation)
Yukata (heat insulation)
Haori (social boost)

Sashimono (big pain threshold boost)
Smoke Bomb (hard to target with range, turrets cant lock)

Ashigaru Armor
Ashigaru Helmet
Samurai Armor
Samurai Helmet (pain threshold boost)
Daimyo Helmet (social boost)
Oni Helmet (Hi-Tech Stuff)
Oni Armor (Hi-Tech Stuff)

Bushido Ritual (energetic music and windy effect)
Bushido Items, Lamps, Column, Torch, Tables, Dining Chair, Stool
Bushido Helmets, Simple, Flak, Recon, Marine, Cataphract
Shinto Ritual (calming music and gentle effect)
Shinto Sculptures
Shinto Ideograms
(Both styles have cherry blossoms falling when doing rituals. Shinto is the religion style and bushido is a stuff style)

Pit Hearth (Irori)
Sake Barrel (to ferment sake)
Calligraphy Set (joy for artistic)

Standing Shield (aka Tate, those wooden things archers hide behind)

Samurai Factions (Honorable, Honorless, Shadowy)
6 Custom Faction Bases
Name Generator
Storyteller Mifune Misfortune (more events and raids, more help from allies, more population, less disease)
Ronin starting scenario (basic start with bushido code tech done)
Sake & Sake Brewing (Requires brewing table to turn rice into Moromi. Sake is fermented in cold storage)
Dango (Fine veggie meal made of rice)
Mifune Hair (based on my hero art)
Cherry Blossom Tree and Sowing (Adds beauty not good for wood)

To be Added
Missions and Quests

Erin’s Japanese Furniture
Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats

Compatibility Patch
Ancient Eastern Armory (Removes redundant items)
Edo Themed Expansion (Removes redundant items)
More Religious Origins (Merges all Shinto items)

Chinese 中文翻译
Spanish Español
Link me your translations if you want them posted here

Trickity — creator, artist, designer
Vanilla Expanded — framework, sashimono code
Ancient Eastern Armory — Armor designs for ninja, ashigaru, and samurai. Base designs of recon and marine bushido style helmets
Black Armory— matchlock sound effect
https://freesound.org/ — raw sounds/music for styles

Q: Does this work with CE?
A: It should be patched in the main CE mod. I don’t use that mod and can’t verify if it’s balanced or not.

Q: Can I just have X stand alone?
A: Here is T’s Samurai Faction Styles Standalone, T’s Storyteller Mifune
however everything else like weapons are all going to be in this mod only.

Q: Will you add X item?
A: Maybe but I don’t want to overload the mod. I want to keep the amount of stuff similar to other faction expanded mods. Feel free to use other item and furniture mods to flesh out the experience.

Q: How can I support you?
A: Comment and subscribe or
Support me on Ko-fi [ko-fi.com] 🙂

Download: T’s Samurai Faction [10.2 MB] (2022-05-14)

Author: Trickity

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