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Trade Routes Intensified

This subtly skews the economies of the different factions to open up the ‘Trader’ style of gameplay. It now becomes much more worth your while organizing trade routes between factions and regions, importing exporting goods. A faction will generally want what they can’t produce in their own biomes, and sell cheaply things that they can.

This mod works by adding a few more 0.5x to 2.0x standard price modifiers on goods in different areas (adding to what was already there in vanilla). The modifier is first applied to the base price of the commodity before the ‘town’ price for the good is randomly calculated on the result (vanilla: +/- x50% — x150%), meaning there is still fluctuation between towns keeping each new game (or each import) fresh.

This should be fully compatible with most shopkeeper and economic rebalance mods (like Neko’s) as this does not touch base prices, only the ‘Trade Culture’ special modifiers for certain goods. Any mod that just changes what shopkeepers have, or the base cost of items, will still work with this.

See «Discussions» for a guide, full list of changes, requesting compatibility patches, and reporting bugs/giving feedback.

Maybe set up repositories/warehouses in certain, heavily distanced cities, to make it possible to bulk buy an entire Garru’s worth of goods if you’re willing to haul them, such as a rum distillery in Bark, or a luxury hive artisan in Dreg.

中文: 这个mod微调了不同阵营的经济,使“行商”在游戏中更为可行。现在经营各个派系和地区之间的贸易路线回报更加丰厚。一个阵营通常会想要他们在自己的生态中不能生产的东西,并廉价出售他们可以生产的东西。

这个mod的工作原理是在不同区域的商品上增加一些0.5x到2.0x的标准价格调整(添加到原版游戏中已经存在的东西上)。这个调整首先应用于商品的基本价格,然后根据结果随机计算商品的“城镇”价格(和原版相比:+/- x50% — x150%),这意味着城镇之间仍然有波动,以保持每个新游戏(或每次导入存档)的新鲜体验。



下方的 “Discussions” 提供了一个导览和完整的修改历史,同时也可以在这里请求兼容包,以及提出bug和意见建议。



Download: Trade Routes Intensified [0.472 MB] (2019-03-18 12:56:00)

Author: jbra1

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