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Thirsty Mod

Water plays an important role in human life. Without it, we simply would not be able to exist. Unfortunately, in The Sims world, drinking water is a common autonomous activity that annoys everyone.

Thirsty (Gameplay Mod)

Thirst motive for human sims

  • Thirst can be enabled or disabled in game for each sim (to prevent sims dying all over the place lol)
  • All in-game drinks will quench your sims thirst
  • Sims will die if they don’t drink anything after a few days!
  • Motive shows as uncomfortable buffs
  • First thirsty buff will show about 24 hours after last drink or mod activation
  • Mod can be activated on the sim by clicking on them and choosing ‘Enable Thirst’ under the new thirst pie menu.

Download: Thirsty Mod [661 KB] (2021-10-16)


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