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The Wonderful Wasteland!

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This mod contains a bunch of Wasteland furniture. All that you could need to survive in the wasteland.
«Ugly and Crappy!» This is the motto of the wastelanders! They use scrap to build up stuff therefore this mod does so as well.
Scrap becomes your basic resource to build your shanty town!

Scrap can be produced in crafting spots using steel. Build a Scrap station to produce scrap more efficiently and far better!
Place piles of scrap to give your people something to salvage all the time!

Furthermore this mod contains all sorts of furniture.
Dirty mattresses, broken lockers, terrible walls or barrels with fire. From rusty lamps to scrap fired generators. All what one could need in the wasteland can be found here. Ugly but cheap! Beware! It burns like crazy!

Twink315 Did an absolutely amazing and im so excited this is out! All credit to him, I only helped with small xml and some workshop art. AMAZING job to him!

Download: The Wonderful Wasteland! [20.418 MB] (2021-08-05)

Author: Ranger Rick, Twink315

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