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The Sims 4 — Mod Manager

A very handy mod manager for Sims 4.

The program has great functionality, allows you to more conveniently manage the add-ons of the game. All mods are categorized for better and easier viewing and control. It is also convenient to keep track of the versions of mods, their clones, etc.

Unpack the archive with the program anywhere. Open the program.
When you open it, the first tab of the program called «Installed Mods» is active. It will be empty if you do not have any active mods in the * .package or * .zip format in the game.

There are 5 buttons available at the bottom of the window:
— Add the mod to the game
— Remove the mod from the game
— Refresh the list
— Enable all inactive mods
— Turn off all active mods

The next tab we might need is the tab called «Update Available». In this tab, you need to check for program updates and download them if they are available.

Download: The Sims 4 — Mod Manager [1.23 MB] (2.2.0)


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