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The Dawnguard

This mod adds a new start and a new faction : The Dawnguard.

The history of the Dawnguard is vague and long since forgotten. What little is known, however, is that the group was formed by the Holy Nation to help against anything that could pose a threat to humanity.

Rumors are that a former Holy Paladin is now trying to revive it…

Armors and weapons of the order.
While The Dawnguard only left ruins and stories, their armors and weapons still exist.
Heavy and Medium armor :

Helmets, boots and gauntlets :
Their blueprints can be bought.
They can be crafted at the Leather Armour Crafting Bench and Heavy Armour Smithy.
Please note : Community Part Map is a hard requirement.

Weapons and crossbow :

Their blueprints can be bought.
They can be crafted at a special Smith that will be unlocked with their blueprint.
Due to Kenshi being Kenshi, and me being lazy, the quality of a weapon needs to be the type of weapon.
Exemple : Dawnguard Axe quality can only be applied for the Dawnguard Axe, not the Hammer. If not, it will mess the textures of the weapon.
The order and its allies.

In their crusade against the creatures of the fog, the Dawnguard is using tamed animals.

Armored Bonedogs and Armored Gorillos are used by some patrols.
Also, you can buy some at a tamer in Dreg :

Fort Dawnguard is now just ruins, a symbol of a past long forgotten. While the Holy Nation is adamant on eradicating the Skeletons, Isran is pursuing another goal.
The roots of the order are tied to the Holy Nation, but their member are not really Okranites materials : sheks, outlaws …
Thanks to Isran, their relation with the Holy Nation have been mostly neutral, being the «necessary evil» that will protect their lands.

You can be recruited by Isran inside the Fort.

Inside the order, you can earn his trust (and money) by hunting Fog Princes. Bring him their heads and bodies.
When Isran deems that you’re up to the tasks, he will talk about a mission that will help rebuild the order.
it’s just a short quest, nothing awesome…


This is my first mod for Kenshi. While I’ve tested it, it’s far from perfect/balanced.

I’m a dirty, filthy ESL, so my english is not good. If your eyes are bleeding while reading any dialogue, it’s normal.

Yes, it’s the Dawnguard from Skyrim.
if you’re interested on how to do it, I’ve written something here

The vanilla textures are used in this mod.
One of the biggest advantage of using armor from Skyrim is that you can use the retexture mods made for it.
In the screenshot, I used this retexture mod

Future plans
  • Adding some more depth to the Fog / Obedience.
  • Balacing.
  • Bar recruiters 
  • Dunno

All the assets in this mod are the properties of Bethesda.
© The Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim — Dawnguard

Download: The Dawnguard [25.9 MB] (2021-10-14)

Author: Horatio

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