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TasteOfVanilla-ish Doom Faction Retexture

A total retexture of the «DOOM — Factions» Mod by Chicken Pluckers and now being continued by Mlie, Bringing the graphic more closer in look with the vanilla art style.

• Be sure to put this under the DOOM — Factions (Continued) in the load order.

• Like last time², If you don’t like some of the texture you can delete it by extract the mod via Mod manager And delete the texture you don’t like.

• The Rimworld font used in the thumbnail

• Chicken Pluckers For the original mod. Now being continued by Mlie.

• If you want to support me or like the texture, You can donate here. It would be pretty nice.[www.buymeacoffee.com]

Also, Please don’t use this mod assets without permission. If you do, Make sure to give credit.
And also don’t just copy name.

Download: TasteOfVanilla-ish Doom Faction Retexture [2.8 MB] (2021-12-30)

Author: IcyCheeseCake

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