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Superb Survivors!

Still WIP. You will likely experience bugs / issues please report them on the appropriate workshop thread.

This mod add basic NPC Survivors to the game


Vision changes so that Survivors can no longer see you behind them. So you can now sneak around NPCs without being noticed if your careful.

  • You can use firearms to force survivors to Surrender.
  • if PVP is on and your aiming a gun at an unarmed survivor, they will hands up surrender.
  • You can then right click on them and force them to drop loot, or scram.
  • If you sneak up behind a survivor aiming a gun (with pvp on) you can even force armed survivors to surrender.
  • Survivors in this vulnerable state can be instantly executed if they are shot and hit

Raiders and sometimes normal hostile survivors might give you a chance to scram rather than just attempting to kill you. They will aim their weapon at you and tell you to get away. You will lose your chance to leave if you Aim your weapon or Attack them or go closer towards them. And their patients is thin so if you don’t intend to fight you better scram quickly

Firearm mechanics over hall:

  • Now you actually stand a chance against armed hostile Survivors!
  • Survivors now use a vision cone to «see» enemies in front of them, they cannot see you from behind anymore.
  • So now you can sneak up from behind undetected.
  • Even armed survivors will surrender if they detect you have come up behind them aiming a gun
  • NPC survivors rate of fire using guns has been nerfed
  • NPC survivors must also reload their guns
  • NPC survivors take extra damage from fire arms


Q: Does MP work?
A: No

Q: Will MP ever work with this?
A: Not likely

Q: Do I need to start a new save?
A: No you should not need to. However note if your save is like currently 6 months in and you have raiders set to spawn at least every month, then raiders will spawn as soon as you start game

Q: Some survivors seemed to have dissapeared. Anything I can do?
A: If any survivors de spawned for illigitimate reasons, they will respawn when you exit / re enter game. Or if they survivor is part of your group, just press U key and they should respawn.

Q: Will there be any AI Improvements?
A: I’d sure like to be able to spend time on improving the AI. But so far most of my time has been spent just with fixing and compatibility and such. And there is still plenty more of that to do so not sure… If I find the time to I’d like to.

  • Japanese Translation by TEATIME05
  • Brazilian Portuguese Translation by williamfoxrpg
  • Chinese Translations by Cleave
  • Spanish Translation by ElKucho
  • Russian Translation by FinchEz
  • French Translation by link8dragon
  • Italian Translation by Woldren

Download: Superb Survivors! [5.8 MB] (2021-02-15)

Author: nolanritchie

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