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Spear Traps

Brings spear traps to the game.

How to build a spear trap? First you have to dig a grave. Then you need one spear (or more, up to 5 spears per grave). Then simply right-click the grave and you’ll see a menu option «Add Spear to Grave». Once a spear has been added it can also be retrieved with the menu option «Remove Spear from Grave».

Beware, spear traps are dangerous! It’s a double-edged sword. While it can kill zombies quite efficiently, you can also die if you walk on the trap!

List of features:
* When a zombie walk over a grave with no spear, it will get knocked down.
* When a zombie walk over a grave with at least one non-broken spear in it, it will instantly kill the zombie, breaking one spear.
* When the player runs over a grave with no spear, he will get injured (foot or lower leg).
* When the player walks over a grave with at least one non-broken spear, he will get killed instantly too.
* If you don’t want to risk dying by walking over a spear trap, you can disable this behavior in Sandbox settings —> Sadistic AI Director —> Spear Traps Kill Player. In that case the player won’t die, but will receive as many injuries as there are spears in the grave.

Feedbacks are welcome. You can find me on Project Zomboid Discord server.
Please submit any bug you find here: https://github.com/quarantin/zomboid-spear-traps/issues

Have fun!

Workshop ID: 2640351732
Mod ID: SpearTraps

Download: Spear Traps [665.2 KB] (2022-01-27)

Author: co

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