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Smarter Social

Are you tired of all your characters saying the same thing, regardless of their personality traits, being friendly, kind, or evil? Well, this mod will make your Sims social autonomy unique according to their idiosyncrasies!

Sims now have unique social autonomy based on their personality, including playable traits and 100 Vicky Sims Traits
— New custom menu
— Cheats with which you can change relationships, as well as find out the character traits of other characters
— New additional traits to control changes in relationships

— Traits on relationships:
— Fast increase / decrease of the friendship scale
— Slow increase / decrease of the friendship scale
— Rapid increase / decrease of the romance scale
— Slow increase / decrease of the romance scale
— Forbid decreasing the romance / friendship scale
— No friends

— Communication traits:
— More communication with toddlers
— More communication with children
— More communication with teens
— More communication with young people
— More communication with adults
— More communication with the elderly

— Cheats for relationships:
— fall in love
— Stop loving
— Make a friend
— Make an enemy
— Delete all family ties
— Learn all character traits
— Learn some character traits

— New friendly interaction «Offer to stay overnight» — offer to stay overnight, in a friendly way, of course!

— Compatible with mods: Have Some Personality Please, SOL, WickedWhims, Lumpinou mods, Command Center.

— Conflict with the mod Zero_BG_AutonomousInteractionsTweak

Mod requires XML Injector

Download: Smarter Social [] (2021-05-29)

Author: Vicky Sims (chingyu1023)

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