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Small Supernatural Traits

Six new personality traits that will add a little supernatural to the life of your characters.

List of Traits Name and Descriptions

  • — Blessed / Blessed
    These characters were blessed and now they will be fine.
  • — Cursed / Cursed
    These characters are cursed, and if they survive, then everything will be wrong for them.
  • — Obsessed / Obsessed
    These characters are possessed by a mysterious power that makes them panic all the time.
  • — Immortal / Immortal
    These characters will stay forever young and never die.
  • — Poisoned / Poisoned
    These characters suffer from chronic poisoning and cannot find a cure.
  • — Exhausted / Exhausted
    These characters suffer from severe hallucinations. They see things that other characters cannot see.
    Requires Vampire GP and Jungle Adventure GP.

Material taken from the Origamika group

Download: Small Supernatural Traits [29 KB] (2021-12-26)

Author: Vicky Sims

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