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Some of my mods are way too small to have an entire post dedicated to them, so I decided to join them in a single post with a single zip file so you guys can find them and download them more easily.


Extract the zip. Inside, you will find a folder for each mod, with one or more corresponding packages. Take the packages you want from inside the folders and paste them in your Mods folder.


• Collect Dishes and Trash Faster

This is based on a mod by coolspear with some tweaks. It increases the distance sims can be from a dish or trash pile when trying to collect it while aleady carrying dishes/trash, which speeds up the whole collecting process. You’ll notice your sims standing in front of the table collecting all the dishes instead of moving around for each dish they pick up.

• Eat and Drink Faster

Makes your sims eat/drink faster by reducing the amount of time they spend idling. There is a package for eating and one for drinking, you can use either or both.

• Fertilizer in EL Storage Boxes

The fertilizers from Cottage Living can now be stored in the storage boxes that came with Eco Lifestyle.

• Harvestfest Gnomes Tweaks

Gnomes will no longer spawn when harvestfest begins, so you can’t sell them for easy money. If there are already gnomes in your lot, they will activate and all normal interactions will be enabled.
This also reduces the frequency of the good gnome effects (repairing objects, spawning seeds etc) and increases the frequency of the bad gnome effects (breaking objects, spawning trash etc).

• High Speed Internet Focused Buff

Changes the High Speed Internet lot trait buff from energized to focused.

• Less / No Slipping

Reduces or removes the chance for sims to slip when walking outside during a blizzard or mud puddle. You can choose either the mud or blizzard version, or use one of the “both” packages if you want both.

No Autonomous Set Laundry Down

Sims will no longer grab laundry from a clothesline or a dryer and set it down somewhere around the house. They will always put the clothes away to wear later.
You can still command them to set the laundry down, they just won’t do it autonomously.

No Call-to-Actions

Removes the pulsating orange border from certain objects like the Community Board and the festival tea fountains.
There are separate packages for each object and an ALL package if you want all of them.

• No Cup for Poor Quality Potions

The Realm of Magic potions have this weird quirk where the model gets changed to a red plastic cup if the potion is of poor quality. The animation isn’t changed to match, and it looks realy weird. I made it so that poor quality potions retain their pretty erlenmeyer flasks.

• No Holiday Reactions

Removes the animations from completing a holiday goal or a new year’s resolution. There are two packages, you can use either or both.

• No Lot Trait VFX

Completely removes the VFX around sims’ heads when they’re being buffed by a Lot Trait. This modifies the texture for the VFX itself, so it should be compatible with anything and will probably not require updating for a long time.

• No Rain During Festivals

When your sims travel to a festival, the weather will change to partly cloudy, with the temperature based on the current season. The Snow Festival at Mt. Komorebi will instead get some light sunsnow.
The changes might take a few minutes to settle in, so don’t be alarmed if you arrive at the festival and it’s raining.

• No Shoe Sign Animation

Removes the animation from the Taming of the Shoe sign from Snowy Escape. Sims will just keep walking while removing/putting on their shoes. 
There is a version that retains the swirling effect around the feet, and a version that removes it completey.

• No Smells Good Reaction

Also based on a mod by coolspear, this removes the “smells good” animation sims do. It’s most noticeable when they’re eating high quality food.
This mod also changes the animations for high quality food to normal, so sims will no longer do the little “a-ha!” animation everytime they take a bite.

• No Spoiling Fizzy Drinks and Water

Prevents water and all fizzy drinks from spoiling over time.

• No Wild Foxes Inside

Foxes from the Wild Foxes lot challenge will no longer route inside your sims’ houses.

• No Yelling Vendors

Vendors in market stalls and cafeterias will no longer constantly yell to advertise their products. They will now just stand still waiting for sims to come order something.

• Pranked Toilets Don’t Break

Toilets that have been pranked will no longer break. They still get dirty and cause a negative moodlet on the sim.

• Real Potion of Rejuvenation

Realm of Magic’s Potion of Rejuvenation will now actually rejuvenate your sims! Or not.If the potion is successful, sims will age down by one lifestage (e.g. Young Adult to Teen). If the potion is unsuccessful, they will age up instead.Teens will never age down, and only get their age progress reset.

• Repair Tweaks

Repairing an object will no longer spawn trash piles. Sims also now have a minimum time of about 20 sim-minutes when repairing an object, so those with a really high Handiness skill won’t just instantly repair something.

• Swimwear Shower on Pools

Sims will now shower in their swimwear when in a Pool lot, just like they do in Onsen Bathhouses. The “Clothing Optional” lot trait still overrides this.

• Walk Faster

Changes all human walking animations (except for toddlers) and makes them slightly faster. This is done by speeding up the animation itself, which may look weird until you get used to it. Sims will also walk up/down stairs faster.

Download: Small Mods Compilation [543 KB] (30.07.2021)

Author: Lotharihoe

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