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Slice Of Life Base Mod

The author has radically changed the mod, breaking it into separate modules, which you can now select and download at will. Proceed from your needs, pay attention to conflicts with other mods and do not overload the game, that is, for example, if you already have a mod for diseases or a cycle, then do not install similar modules from SOL.

Base Module [Base]
This is the official base for the slice of life mod, which allows menus and mods to work properly and allows mods to be displayed in your game. If you want to add more personality, realism, social interaction, parties and drama to your game, then you will need to download various packages of your choice.

My Alcohol Pack / Module «my alcohol system»

  • Sims will now be drunk from drinking.
  • There are 5 states of intoxication: flirtatious, sad, angry, uncomfortable and playful.
  • When the characters are drunk, they will burp, swear, fart, laugh and even vomit, and they will also have dizziness.
  • Your characters will stagger after drinking, that is, they will have the appropriate type of walking.
  • They will be able to have drunk sex with complete strangers, which can lead to pregnancy.
  • Sad drunks will be sad and even sniffle, and angry drunks will stomp their feet and get furious, playful ones will giggle, flirtatious ones will be frivolous, take appropriate seductive poses, flirt and be able to have sex.
  • You can sober up just by drinking water.
  • Sober characters will experience stress and headaches.
  • You can make the character get drunk by going to the «control panel» in the «Piece of life» menu.

My Self Woohoo Pack / Module «my system of mutation»
— Now your character will be able to play autonomously in bed.
— Upon completion, he will receive a moodlet or a whim.
— If someone catches your character hot, they will react accordingly.
— These pranks will be taken into account in the game statistics of the character.

My Beauty Pack / Module «my beauty»

— This module will add the ability to apply perfume, cologne and even makeup in front of the mirror. 16 types of makeup will be available to you!
— And also check the characters’ metabolism, muscle mass and weight.
— Sims can become insecure, and a mirror and time will help them to increase their confidence.
— Brand new interactions regarding look and make-up!
— If you have a low level of painting, chances are high that your makeup will not be very good. Well, if you apply your makeup incorrectly, everyone will giggle at you, so wash it off as soon as possible.
— You can purchase a make-up kit in Build Mode, after which you can put it in your luggage.
— You can also purchase a makeup book that will improve your drawing skill.
— Now everyone around you will feel your perfume and react to it. And of course other characters will be more willing to communicate with you.

My Health Pack / Module «my health»

— This module will add more realistic diseases to your game.
— You can prevent illness by giving your character a vaccine that will protect him for 14 sim days.

— If your character is already sick, you can cure him by sending him to the hospital, give medicine, or simply relieve the symptoms with symptomatic medicine.
— Sick characters can infect other nearby characters, so it’s best to vaccinate them just in case, or try to avoid contact with sick people.
— And of course your favorite kaki-bunks with sound effects. Well, where is the author without them ?!
— Now your characters will walk dirty if they are not bathed. And if they don’t brush their teeth, then they will have bad breath, and everything around them will pinch their noses.
— Well, and where without dehydration! It will befall the characters if they do not drink water often.
— You can also wear a mask to prevent infection from other characters who are sick, or not infect someone yourself!

My Phone Pack / Module «my phone»

— Now your characters will have access to social networks on the phone.
— Characters can post, subscribe, unsubscribe, post and even block users. They can also earn popularity by meeting certain publishing requirements.
— Now your characters will be able to send SMS, money, food and much more to other characters based on their mood! Some SMS can lead to the fact that the character is invited to visit or somewhere else, or he just gets a real answer. They may even confess their love or ask him out on a date!
— This module adds a function that will allow you to buy outfits and hairstyles for yourself, friends or family. The clothes you buy are permanent, but the hairstyles will disappear after 7 sim days. You can also remove them manually by choosing the uninstall option.
— Sims will be delighted to be able to stream on Switch.
— And of course they will be able to watch movies on Simflix.
— Same

My Social Life Pack / Module «social life»

— Now you will receive many more interesting messages from other characters: threatening, angry, romantic and even silly pranks.
— Sims will independently call friends, classmates, family, loved ones and strangers. This option will also be available manually.
— Lonely or bored characters (mostly teenagers) will most often start calling strangers, while sad ones will most likely call their lover, family member or friend, but just young ones will call their friends. Also, teenagers will call their classmates at any opportunity, and children will call their parents or relatives.
— You will receive messages in which family / friends / lovers will ask you to come to hang out or just arrange a joint vacation.
— When other characters leave your site, they will say goodbye to you.
— Now your family members or your significant other will send you special messages to invite you to their home.
— And your friend can admit through messages that he is in love with you. An unexpected twist, isn’t it ?!
— Your friends / family will come to visit for any grand or family events and activities such as birthday, funeral, holidays, etc.
— Characters will now independently invite friends / family / classmates.
— And parents, grandmothers or grandfathers will begin to worry about the child’s friends, what if he got involved in a bad company? They will give permission for children / adolescents to invite friends over, and maybe even prohibit them.
— In a word, with the help of calls, characters will be able to build relationships. After the end of the call, you will receive a message from the person who called you.

My Appearance Pack

— Sims will blush when flirtatious, have watery eyes when sad, dark circles when tired, bruised when fighting, etc.
— The module is responsible for the whiteness of the teeth after the characters brush them. And children will lose their teeth altogether.
— Sims will be able to have redness and dryness of the skin, dark spots on it and all these imperfections can be treated.
— Sims can get pimples, which can also be treated and wear masks to protect against acne. You can buy a wide variety of masks to your taste and color. Just remember to take them off when you decide to go outside.
— Now face masks can be received as a gift (only at certain times).
— Added cheat to remove pimples permanently.
— Your characters can be injured outside the house.
— If you need animation for putting on masks and taking care of your skin, then you should install the «My Personality» module.










My Personality Pack / Module «my personality»

— 16 realistic and sophisticated personality traits (according to Myers — Briggs) that will improve relationships, autonomy, skills, career, etc.
— Personality types will be automatically generated based on the current traits of your character.
— You can always change or select the desired personality type and even disable for certain characters by clicking on it.
— The module adds offline animation depending on age, gender, weather, time of day and characteristics of your characters. They will react based on their personality and age, which will help improve the relationships of other Sims watching them.
— Sims can practice kissing, flirting, and marriage proposal in front of a mirror.
— Added the ability to perform any animation associated with a personality, if you have cheats enabled, for this click on the character while holding the Shift key and select the appropriate menu.
— The module adds a hidden moodlet that will allow the character to start fights for no reason, insult their lovers and talk down to people. The moodlet can be deleted.
— Each personality type will have hobbies that the characters will pursue autonomously. With these, your characters will have individual social interactions, skill, career and relationship benefits. You can read the descriptions of each personality type to find out which hobby the character will enjoy or which skills will benefit.

My Cycle Pack / Module «my cycle»

— The module adds a two-week cycle for adult female adolescents, which will last two days.
— On the toilet and in the shower, Sims will be able to change their tampon / pad during their period.
— Characters who have not changed the tampon / pad will smell. Don’t panic, because you can always share your pad in a friendly way. And as for the NPC, according to the assurances of the author of the mod, it will do everything automatically, so there is no need to open a charity fund for helping NPCs with gaskets.
— Sims will have cramps, cravings, cramps, mood swings, headaches, fatigue, etc. during their period.
— Hygiene will be impaired if the tampon / pad is dirty.
— If the toilet or shower is not available, you can click on the character, go to the «Piece of Life» menu and give him a tampon or medicine for symptoms.
— You can also turn off loops completely through the menu.

My Memories Pack / Module «my memories»

— This module adds a memory system that was lacking in the game.
— Memories will be realized through moodlets, and many of them will unlock more social interactions.
— These social interactions allow you to celebrate certain events as well as share experiences with other characters.

Download: Slice Of Life Base Mod [8.60 MB MB (All modules)] (19.03.2022 / v3.2)

Author: kawaiistacie

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