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Skip World Map and Skip Main Menu

Skip World Map — After pressing “Play” on the main menu, this will take you directly (after the usual loading screens) to your last played household. You no longer have to select which household you last played from the world map.

Skip Main Menu — This one skips the main menu and takes you directly (after the usual loading screens) to the last save’s world map. If you are a rotational player, for example, this will allow you to select the next household in your current save without going through the main menu.

If you want to go straight to your last played household without any work on your part, you can use both together.

Other things to consider:

  • These mods do not remove the loading screens, it only skips the manual selecting you have to do to get back to your game. This means you will see several loading screens come and go, the same ones you see when manually selecting the playing options. 
  • Base game compatible
  • Skip Main Menu conflicts with Clean UI by TwistedMexi. Skip World Map does not conflict with anything.
  • Minor bug (does not cause issues): If you have not disabled the Mods list that appears after loading, it will briefly appear when saving and closing the game. 
  • If you need to, you can still navigate back to the main menu or world maps after loading.
  • If you are a modder, these set of mods are perfect for when you need to reload a lot!

How do I install?

Installation is easy; simply drop the downloaded file(s) into your mods folder.

How do I uninstall? Will it cause any issues?

No issues, you can safely delete one or both files from your folder.


Download: Skip World Map and Skip Main Menu [] (v1b)

Author: MizoreYukii, thepancake1

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