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Simple FX: Smoke

This is an overhauled version 2 of the original mod, which was infamous for being hard on performance. The new version has been rewritten from the ground up. It is now threaded and no longer needs to alter tick rates to function, resulting in hardly any performance impact.


This mod makes buildings throughout the game emit smoke or vapor particles when they are in use. It is a purely graphical mod and does not impact gameplay any. You can add or remove it at any time.

*The bloomery on the left is from my Simple Chains: Steel mod

Built in mod-support

This list refers to mods which add buildings that can smoke:

  • Coal Expanded
  • Simple Chains: Steel
  • Trader Ship
  • VE — Coffee and Tea
  • VE — Furniture
  • VE — Power
  • VE — Production
  • VE — Medieval
  • VE — Settlers
  • VE — Vikings

Download: Simple FX: Smoke [71 KB] (2021-11-12)

Author: Owlchemist

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