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Simp4Sims Overhaul 01 — Sims Graphics Rules

Sul Sul 👋 It is with great excitement that I present the latest update to the GraphicsRules.sgr file! I ran extensive FPS tests for all the tweaks and all values are now optimal. Performance is faster and more stable than ever! And with all the new conditionals, the file is smarter than ever too! The overhaul to View Distance replaces the «WITH DOF» version of the file. Also, the overhaul to Laptop Mode replaces the old Performance version of the file. Lastly, a whole bunch of fixes make this, by faaaar, the best version yet!


  1. Overhaul of View Distance setting. View Distance has been completely redone, the old settings no longer exist and this is now all about controlling Distance Blur. View Distance to Low is with blur. View Distance to High is without blur. The game needs a restart after changing this setting!
  2. Overhaul of Laptop Mode setting. Laptop Mode has been completely redone. Shadows are back, Normal Mapping is gone, forces shadows to 1K or 2K depending on VRAM, forces Distance Blur OFF regardless of View Distance setting. And more!
  3. Clipping tweaks. Lets items get closer to the camera before cutting away. Fixes broken sky box when zoomed out. Stops flickering in the distance (unless tilted upwards (same as default)). Makes MXAO from ReShade behave more like default. An alternate file is available to download for those who prefer the old clipping values — most noticeable with MXAO.
  4. Lighting Quality setting. Set this to High to have up to 4K shadows depending on VRAM. Or set to Very High to have up to 5K shadows depending on VRAM.
  5. Mac shadow cut off fix for older Macs with Nvidia GPUs. This is now conditional as well, if using a pre 2015 Macs the file will limit shadows to 3K.
  6. Conditionals (IF Statements). The file is now smarter than ever and will throttle the values your game loads. Limits depend on adjustedTextureMemory (which is the GPU’s available VRAM). These are only for settings that have a significant FPS toll. The 4 tiers that categorise GPU capacity are:
    🔴 Low = less than 2GB VRAM
    🟠 Med = less than 3GB VRAM
    🟢 High = less than 4GB VRAM
    🟣 Uber = more than 4GB VRAM

Download: Simp4Sims Overhaul 01 — Sims Graphics Rules [] (2022-02-27)

Author: Simp4Sims

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