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Shark’s Weapon Pack

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You can’t spell slaughter without laughter.

This mod introduces thirteen new melee weapons to Project Zomboid:

  1. Cavalry Saber — Once used ceremonially by the US Army and now used by you.

  2. Antique Bayonet — Once used in a war ages past has found a new lease on life in the apocalpyse.

  3. Bolo Knife — Used in jungles to clear foliage and hack your enemies to death.

  4. Tomahawk — A vicious All-American weapon that can also double as an axe.

  5. Ice Axe — Used to break down ice and smash in skulls.

  6. Pulaski Axe — Used by firefighters in wildfires to cut trees and plow fields.

  7. Halligan Bar — Used by firefighters and police to break through barricades and locked doors.

  8. Pike Pole — Used by firefighters to help extinguish fires.

  9. Bush Axe — Used to clear shrubbery and is also an excellent long bladed weapon.

  10. Billhook — Used to clear thick brush and thick skulls.

  11. Cane Machete — Used by farmers to cut corn stalks and sugar cane.

  12. Tactical Knife — Aftermarket knife marketed at enthusiasts and huntsmen.

  13. Entrenchment Tool — Used by soldiers to dig fortifications and as a last ditch weapon.

Where can I find these weapons?

  • Military areas, surplus/camping stores

  • Fire Departments and Police Stations

  • Hardware and Garden stores

  • Wandering zombies

Have fun!

Workshop ID: 2135624742
Mod ID: SharksWeaponPack

Download: Shark’s Weapon Pack [3.5 MB] (2022-04-01)

Author: shark

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