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Shark’s Trade Everyting-Ammo

What Does This Mod Do?
You Can Sell Any Military Grade Clothing For Money .
(Not Include Military Backpack To Prevent Incident)
You Are Also Able To Purchase Ammo With This Mod .

In Order To Sell Military Clothing You Need A Us Army Walkie Talkie(Keep)
——————————————-Or A Tactical Walkie Talkie(Keep)

In Order To Purchase Ammobox You Need A US ARMY COMM. Ham Radio(Keep)
——————————————-Or A Premium Technologies Ham Radio(Keep)

Other Mods.
Shark’s Trade Everyting Rebalanced(Sell Every Valuable Item With Only One Click)

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Supported Languages:English,Simplified Chinese

Workshop ID: 2582115169

Download: Shark’s Trade Everyting-Ammo [113.6 KB] (2021-08-22)

Author: Zangbix

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