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Shark’s Trade Everything Rebalanced [41.68+ ]

Sell valuable Item with only one click,storage money by using dice and card.
Locket, Dogtag and Watches can be sold now .
You can open the wallet for money, each will give you 8 bucks .

41.66 update!
Significantly increased the selling action speed.
Wallets no longer acquire a knife to open.
Convert money to cards for storage (1:1000).
Add Trading Recipes | Canned Peaches | Canned Fruit Assortment | Canned Pineapple |
Add Trading Recipe | Pancake Mix |
Add Trading Recipes | Maple Syrup | Hot Sauce | Vegetable Oil | Olive Oil |

41.68 Update!
Add more jewellers to sell list.
Convert money to dice for storage (1:100).

Based On Eom’s Trade With Different World .

Supported Language:English,Simplified Chinese

Workshop ID: 2581507405

Download: Shark’s Trade Everything Rebalanced [41.68+ ] [98.2 KB] (2022-04-01)

Author: Zangbix

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