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Shark’s (and Peach’s) Military Uniform Improvements

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Vanilla military gear has now been completely overwritten to support future updates

NEW: OG-106 Caps
NEW: OG-107 Patrol Caps
NEW: OG-107 Utility Shirt + Pants
NEW: M65 Field Jackets
NEW: M-1956 Webbing
NEW: Winter Patrol Caps redone
NEW: HBT Beret (found in Surplus)

This mod entirely redoes military zombies and adds in military equipment both from the 1990’s and later which is inline with the universe of Project Zomboid.

The time period for equipment in this mod is 1965 — 199X.

  • BDU’s can have their sleeves rolled up and have their trousers tucked in.
  • Helmets can have goggles mounted onto them
  • Patrol caps will spawn on zombie soldiers.
  • Zombie Soldiers now have their trousers tucked into their boots and randomly have their sleeves rolled up.
  • Soldiers will come equipped with firearms.
  • New equipment in-line with the 1990’s US Military and earlier.
  • New wandering military zombies that cam be found rarely.

  • PASGT Helmets (Woodland, Desert Battle, and Desert Combat + can be strapped/unstrapped + Riot Version + Night Vision with AN/PVS-7)
  • M1 Steel Helmets (Coverless, Woodland, Desert, and Mitchell + can be strapped/unstrapped + can have goggles attached)
  • DH-132 Crewman Helmet
  • Military Tactical Helmet (Modified Protec Full-Cut Helmet w/ Comms Set)

Body Armor
  • PASGT Vests (Woodland, Desert Battle, and Green)
  • Ranger Body Armor (Woodland + Desert)
  • Combat Vehicle Crewman Vest
  • Military Tactical Vest

  • Woodland
  • Desert Battle Uniform (Six-Color)
  • Desert Combat Uniform (Three-Color)
  • ERDL
  • Olive Green
  • Tiger Stripe
  • Urban
  • T-Pattern Urban (from Operation: Urban Warrior)

Webbing & Bags
  • ALICE Webbing
  • M-1956 Webbing
  • CFP-90 Patrol Pack
  • Medic Backpack
  • Military Gas Mask Bag
  • Woodland, ERDL, Desert, Urban, and Olive Green Patrol Caps (Can also be rolled) = Winter Versions
  • Watch Caps
  • Garrison Caps
  • Cavalry Hat

  • GI Glasses (aka Birth Control Glasses)
  • Dust Goggles
  • Boogie Goggles

NBC Gear
  • M17 Gas Mask + Doff Hood
  • M40 Gas Mask + Doff Hood
  • OD Green MOPP Suit (Top + Pants including bundled packaging)
  • NBC Gloves and NBC Boots

  • Shemaghs (Can be pulled up or down)
  • M65 Field Jacket
  • Military Police Brassard
  • GI Socks

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Workshop ID: 2530389024

Download: Shark’s (and Peach’s) Military Uniform Improvements [194.4 MB] (2022-04-23)

Author: shark, Authentic Peach

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