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SexySeductive Mod

This mod is designed to allow your partner or others to interact with the computer so that you can talk to other members.

— New Trait «Sexual Seduction» —
Such people can seduce anyone, anytime. Every word, sexy dress, perfume or makeup exudes love and will make a guy or girl fall in love. Hold on tight to your man or woman, otherwise they will run away.
— Other characters with a similar trait have their own special interactions.
— A social event where you can organize a «group sex» for yourself and your friends.
— You will be able to communicate via computer with characters who share your views and get to know them, for a special time together.

Please remove the old version of the mod completely!

Download: SexySeductive Mod [8.7 MB] (2022-01-12 / v3.5)

Author: sexybeast12162

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