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Service NPC Vacuuming Fix

llows maids and butlers to clean up dusty homes with their own vacuum cleaner.


Service NPCs you can hire to clean your homes, such as maids and butlers, will not vacuum when the home gets dusty.

I’ve heard that people said that maids using vacuums worked at the time Bust the Dust kit was released, and it stopped working at some point. The maids generate their own personal vacuums which they keep in their inventory, but can’t seem to use them. They also don’t use vacuums you gift them or ones that you provide around the home. You can read more about this bug on EA Answers HQ: Maid doesn’t clean dust and Butler does not vacuum or dust.

This mod tweaks some of the autonomy tuning for the interactions that start vacuum actions and allows maids to use the vacuums from their inventory when they are on a dusty floor of the house. It also allows butlers from Vintage Glamour stuff to do the same while they are in their maid duties mode. You don’t need to provide a vacuum, the maids and butlers can generate their own personal ones. They will also seek and destroy dust bunnies and dust fiends (but should ignore ones that you’ve befriended).


  • This mod is for people who own The Sims 4 Bust the Dust kit on PC/Mac with update (July 2021) or later installed.
  • This mod changes the interaction tuning for starting vacuum cleaning, and the interaction maids use to generate their own vacuums. It also changes the base game “collect trash” object picker to also include dust piles and the butler’s maid role buff to allow them to generate a vacuum cleaner for themselves. If you have any other mods that affect the same tuning files, they may clash with this mod.
  • The maids and butlers use upright vacuum cleaners, so there may need to be enough free floor space to work properly. Also, they might not be able to interact with dust bunnies that are in tight areas or facing the wall, as they need to be able to move in front of them. If that’s the case, you can pick up and move dust bunnies to a clear area in build mode.
  • The maids and butlers should use their own personal vacuums which they generate in their own inventories. They won’t be able to use the ones you provide around the house because I think they game tests if the sim owns the vacuum before allowing a sim to use it.
  • Updated 30 August 2021: tweaked the way service NPCs handle dust bunnies and dust piles – they will now move nearby and start vacuuming the floor, rather than try to vacuum up the objects directly.

Download: Service NPC Vacuuming Fix [15 KB] (30.11.2021)

Author: simvasion

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