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Rusty Raiders

The Rusty Raiders are an all Skeleton group operating out of the Black Desert region. Although branded by the contemporary factions as bandits and thieves, what they truly offer is a new way to live for skeletons. Abandoning the past, the misery, and forging a new way forward.


The mod offers a plethora of new content for all players, new and old.

— Approximately 5-10 hour questline
— A traditional tailored RPG experience inside the Kenshi sandbox
— A «Lore friendly» story, that attempts to blend with what came before.
— Over 1000+ lines of dialogue (I stopped counting)
— Brand new fully fledged Skeleton Faction.
— Build large armies of Skeletons!
— Lots of unique, flawed and in-depth individuals to interact with.
— 5 new unique skeleton recruits to find.
— Lots of secrets to discover. Including the mysterious pasts of the Rusty Raider members.

(Coming soon)
— Base raids
— Continuation of the story


It is not required, but it is highly recommended that you start a new game when playing Rusty Raiders, for the best possible experience and to lower the chances of breaking stuff.
To this end: 3 new game starts of varying difficulty have been added to help you get going.

Depending on what you’ve already done on a save game, some things may sequence break the questline. Continue at your own risk. The following is the most crucial thing but also a spoiler: Okran’s Shield should still be held by The Holy Nation. If it is not, the final quest may break and you will be unable to claim the reward

-Continuing from a save game will require importing. Also be sure to back up your save, in case you want to cleanly uninstall the mod.


-With a mod of this size, there are still many bugs to squash. I will be actively fixing what I can over the coming months before implementing any new content. List of currently known bugs in the change log.

-The mod makes many small changes to a lot of different aspects of the vanilla game (Full list in the change notes) To avoid conflicts, put this mod as far down in the load order as possible.

-I have done some limited testing with Reactive World mod, everything seems to work fine without a patch, but this is no guarantee. I had not planned for it but there is only one town override to my knowledge that they both alter.

-I have been informed that there is an incompatibility with Living World mod. If you know how to use the FCS the fix is easy and simply requires you to add a world state check to Okran’s Shield to check if Rust is alive. (thanks Brandon)

(If any mod authors want to release any compatibility patches, you do not need to ask me for permission.)

-A lot of the lines of dialogue were written at 3am over the course of 2 weeks, and need reworking in places for clarity & spell checking. No need to report spelling errors and such, as I’m constantly working on corrections.

If you find a bug, get stuck or think the questline broke: First, go to the bar in Black Desert City and talk to the Debug character. He has some built in fixes and suggestions, he may be able to help. Please try that first, before reporting any bugs here. Thank you.

Download: Rusty Raiders [2.061 MB] (2021-07-18 17:36:00)

Author: Efcaz

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