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Rimsenal Style Pack — Sophian

«So what’s the name of this rifle, Marcus? I’m asking for some administrative reasons.»
«This rifle is called the glorious imperial pleb remover 2000, my praetor.»
«Ha, that’s a good one. But, seriously, I need to know the official name of the rifle.»
«…What’s wrong with you people, Imperial?»

What is this mod?

This mod adds an ideological style that suits our space Byzantine Empire.

Does it have a compatibility issue?

Dunno. It is possible if you install a mod that affects the style of the empire.

What does it adds?

Current item list

— Revolver
— Auto pistol
— Sniper rifle
— Assault rifle
— Heavy SMG
— Chain shotgun
— Charge rifle
— Charge lance
— Mace
— Warhammer
— Gladius
— Axe

— Tables
— Stool
— Column
— Standing lamp

Roman statues were not white marble! Romans painted the statues they ma-

Yes, they are. And this is not Roman style. This is Sophian style.
This is the style of the fictional future civilization that does not exist.
And you know what? White marble statues are much cooler than painted ones.

Is this CE compatible?

*Disdain for barbarians*

Download: Rimsenal Style Pack — Sophian [1.5 MB] (2022-03-12)

Author: rooki12k

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