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Rim73 — Performance and Optimisations

Improves the games performance by recoding some parts of the game. Load last.

The performance comparisons were made on a 60 days colony with 5 active pawns, your mileage may vary, the columns Vanilla time in ms and Rim73 time in ms, represents the time of execution.

Perf. increase in total (%)
Description of the optimisation
Vanilla time in ms
Rim73 time in ms
Perf. compared to Vanilla
Adds Time Dilatation to Hediffs (diseases) so they don’t get ticked as often, this reduces the strain of Pawn_HealthTick() which adds about 15% performance in total.
91% less time per 100 ticks
It will temporarly disable pawns when enemies are trying to path but blocked by another pawn. This adds about 25% performance but is only active during combat.
a totally new system for ticking jobs, this reduces the pawns scanning for jobs, instead they will only scan when they complete a job and/or after 3secs. Some activities like Sleeping, Healing, Wandering and «Going to» have been throttled massively, they represent about 80% of all ticking. This is by far the biggest contributor to performance and can reach up to 50% performance increase compared to vanilla.
80% less time per 100 ticks
GetDay() was simplified to simply return a new day at midnight wherever your are in the planet, instead of extremely complex calculations to simulate the Sun’s posititon relative to the pawn, every single tick.
64% less time per 100 ticks
79% less time per 100 ticks

On average should get around 25% performance increase, this scales the more pawns you have and can easily reach up to 50%.

Requires Harmony.
This mod is compatible with RocketMan and RuntimeGC.
This mod is NOT compatible with RimThreaded.

WARNING : This is a beta version, there’s probably going to be bugs in there, if you find any, please report them.

You can join the discord here :

Download: Rim73 — Performance and Optimisations [0.256 MB] (2021-09-22)

Author: Ghost_Rolly

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