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[RH2] Rimmu-Nation² — Clothing

Introducing a new generation of high quality outdoor gear.

Prepared to move

Rimmu-Nation is an interstellar arms dealer and outdoor gear retailer that sell modern era equipment to anybody who can afford it. We’ve bought hundreds of thousands of licenses across the stars to deliver the kind of tactical gear you need to go out nightclubbing and scare all of the other customers!


This is Mr. Hutch, he has attended multiple CQB exercises and has taken part in operations for his colony clearing ancient sites of those pesky Mechanoids using our retail equipment. We may not have paid him a ton of silver to say good things about our products, and this is what he had to say when we asked him what he thought of the 5.11 and OpsCore line of gear he’s currently wearing in the photos:

«I don’t really care. As long as it protects me it does the job.»

Hot dang Hutch, please leave some swagger for the rest of us dude!

Unfortunately, these line of products are currently incompatible with Combat Extended. You will have to look less tacticool until our corporate college interns that we pay in coffee and exposure find ways to reach our unsatisfied customers in the near future.

Character Editor minor issue:
Backpacks for unknown reasons will not be selectable in Character Editor. This is not an error on this mod’s part, rather a lack of support for backpack style apparel for Character Editor. Simply choose another item for your pawn instead of a backpack, hopefully it will be fixed by the author of Character Editor.

Please take this expired 50% off coupon for Hello Kitty backpacks for the inconvenience:

Please consider to:

So I can afford my next tacticool body armour from Rimmu-Nation!

fiendakko — Apparel art
Tittymcswaggy — Apparel art
DanDMan68 — Apparel art
JDS — Apparel art
Odstriman — Apparel art
Jecrell — Backpacks.dll C#
Mehni — Backpacks.dll 1.2 update

Special thanks to our little expendable crew of apparel artists to make all of this possible!


Referenced Companies:
Team Wendy
Many more (may add their names later)

Download: [RH2] Rimmu-Nation² — Clothing [53.909 MB] (2021-09-27)

Author: Chicken Plucker, Tittymcswaggy, Le Faux

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