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REvil + FMontage

This Mod allows spawning with Resident Evil items via Fashion Montage.

This mod was made for version 41.50+ above
The Mod also works with the latest 41.54 build.

Now you can finally LARP as a USS member or a STARS police officer.
Added 5 videos you can watch to get in the mood for the game occupations.

Comes with 2 more professions, Umbrella Employee and UBCS.
Comes with 3 clothes, Umbrella Jacket and Skirt, and UBCS vest.
Comes with 2 clothing reskins, RE Outbreak Police short and long sleeves.
Comes with 2 vehicle reskins (Umbrella), 67Commando & 87Toyota Land Cruiser.

Also adds some of the Resident Evil guns to the Gun Suicide Mod.

Inside the Mod folder is also a saved outfits file
that you can use to overwrite some working presets.
Currently it has HUNK, Leon, Claire, 3 Adas,
Marvin, Rita, and some Umbrella employees.

🎵 Resident Evil Outbreak/Remake Music: 🎵
I also made a Resident Evil Outbreak music file!
It has Outbreak and some RE2 remake tracks.
It replaces all the songs of the EARLY ACCESS version,
experimental for now, available on the Google Drive Link below:

Simply copy the file «OldMusic.bank»
Locate the Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\sound\banks\Desktop folder
Then paste the OldMusic.bank file

Don’t forget to set your Audio to Early Access, and let me know if the tracks fit!
(Please backup your original audio bank files if you don’t like it.)

⭐ Highly-recommended to go with the following: ⭐
🙏 Special thanks to: 🙏

The guy who ported the Resident Evil items and armor (huanxi)

The guy who made Fashion Montage (God bless your lua file)

The guy who made the character pack which I just improved on

The Raccoon police Mod author — I just recolored it from RE3 to REOutbreak

The author of the Create Your Own Soundtracks Guide (made my own playlist above!)

🐞 Current known bugs: 🐞
1. Ada Jacket doesn’t seem to show up even when selected
-This was an issue with the Resident Evil pack, so much I ended up making my own Ada jacket.
Sadly as I am also working on a number of clothes, I didn’t include those yet in this Mod.
So yes, there is no Ada Jacket (the brown FBI one in Re2Remake)

2. Kneepads clothing selection is missing or isn’t shown
-The Resident Evil knee pads show in-game but not in Fashion montage.
I couldn’t get them to work with the code so I opted to not include kneepads for less bugs.

3. The silencer of the Resident Evil pack conflicts with silencer mods
-You can resolve this by disabling the REWMod (weapon mod) and applying
FAQ’s number 4 and 6 maybe to just keep the clothes.

📝 F.A.Q (Frequently asked questions) 📝
1. My Mod doesn’t work
-Try only installing the Resident Evil Pack and Fashion Montage.
If it doesn’t work then you’re probably on another version of Zomboid,
as I made this on 41.50 but it should be compatible with versions above that.

Reasons for not working include, but are not limited to:
-Incompatible Mods (please try running only this and the 2 required)
-Incompatible Zomboid (please try version 41.50 and above)
-Incompatible Load order (please load this Mod last to apply skins et al)
-Try a new save game (to make the Mod initialize all its scripts and code)

2. This Mod broke my save
-I only linked the Fashion Montage and Resident Evil Pack,
and added two jobs, clothes, a new menu, and vehicle reskins.
If Fashion Montage or the RE Pack breaks, my Mod breaks.
BACKUP your saves, isn’t that literally what IWBUMS means?

3. I want the Resident Evil guns where are they
-You may use Cheat menu to spawn the guns, or if you want
I can also try making another mod to integrate with «Occupation items on spawn»
(I already have my own presets for UBCS, USS, Umbrella, and STARS but
they were too overpowered so I didn’t include them in this Mod)
You can also Cheat Menu «Money» and buy them on the crafting menu.

4. I DONT want the Resident Evil guns because I’m running Brita, etc.
Don’t hold me liable for this, but a temporary fix I can think of is navigating to:
And delete «REWDistributions» which is the code for distributing the weapons.
Or you can just run REMOD without the REWMOD, lol.

5. I want the Umbrella armored car and the SUV where are they
-Download the two vehicles via their respective links, you can spawn them
using Debug mode and my Mod should reskin the blue and NATO black variants.
You can also check this separate mod for integration with Cheat Menu:

6. This Mod is breaking loot distributions, I just want clothes
-Only use REMOD in the mod list, then delete the REDistributions lua file located in «2392317746\mods\REMOD\media\lua\server\Items.»
This means you can only spawn with the clothes though,
but it should work as an experimental fix for any mod conflicts.

7. Look man, I hate seeing Leon Jill Ada zombies everywhere
-The Chinese guy who made the clothing pack couldn’t integrate his with FMontage,
so his way of making his clothes accessible was to spawn it on zombies. Navigate to: «108600\2392317746\mods\REMOD\media\clothing» and remove the «clothing.xml» file
which is his code for distributing the RE clothing to zombies.

🔎 Misc. Details 🔎

I made this because I was tired of using the cheat menu mod to spawn items in.
Do you know how frustrating it is to set up your entire outfit via cheat menu
only to die 5 seconds later because a zed spawned behind you
and you have to do all that again from scratch!?!?

I got into horror because of Resident Evil outbreak, so I am so in love with this texture pack.

Please make sure this is loaded LAST in your mod order.
I’m new to zomboid modding and I’m doing all this for free.
This is really for fun and I did my best to make this as compatible as possible.

*updated to include tags
*updated to include FAQs, etc.
*updated to include Resident evil outbreak music (google drive download)
*updated for fix to seeing leon jill ada zombies

Download: REvil + FMontage [9.307 MB] (2021-08-01)

Author: CampinKarl

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