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Real Undies

With the amazing amout of underwear littering the world, I thought, «Give them a reason!»

All underwear will now:
(if i miss some leave a comment!)

Be tearable and able to be used as fuel for fires.
Provide some protection from the elements.
Need to be washed. Always wash your underwear!
And because of all this fun added bonus of wearing underwear, they also have condition!

This was the first mod I have made and wanted to dabble with something harmless, yet important.
Feel free to look at the code and add it to your custom Undies! Just toss me a mention for the idea 😀

Workshop ID: 2741624820
Mod ID: RealUndies

Download: Real Undies [978.7 KB] (2022-03-17)

Author: [N.E.R.D.Z.] Exalted Samurai

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