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Rare and Exotic Skeleton Types

— Adds five new skeleton types to Kenshi which can be selected from the default starts (Wanderer/Nobodies, etc). They can be found roaming in small squads. (spawns as a leader of a group of thralled skeletons, Leaders are named (random) and will always be one of the five races). They are rare and should remain so, so they shouldnt bloat your world with a bunch of junk. They are treated liike any other skeleton (same dialogues etc).

— If captured and put in a prisoner cage they can be recruited for 10,000 cats, theres a % chance for the recruitment dialogue to show up (might remove the random %, opinions are welcome on this, through my own testing its functional, needs tweaked, recruitment dialogue also needs rewritten).

— spawn rate is set to 1, so they seem like they can usually be found reliably if searching for them.

— Acolyte Mk I (Floodlands small group, occasionally has thralls)
— Taskmaster Mk I (Deadlands spawns as leader very rarely
— Infiltrator Mk I (Deadlands spawns as leader rarely)
— Hunter Mk I (Deadlands spawns as leader)
— Ogre Mk I (Deadlande spawns as leader)

— Im using the experimental branch of kenshi, so thats currently a requirement.

Also any feedback (really curious about opinions on the appearance), suggestions or requests are welcome appreciated. Also, let me know if anything is broken and i’ll attempt to fix it.

Download: Rare and Exotic Skeleton Types [109.3 MB] (2022-01-26)

Author: Dracula

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