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Radiant Sentry Bags

There are plenty mods for bags already, but I’ve never found one that really gathers everything I wanted. So here is my take : This mod adds two new kind of rare bags. They both share the exact same container stats, difference is only about their visual size (one is the medium vanilla model, the other, the small one). If you have the chance to see them in adventurer shop’s goods (25% chance), they will be expensive (8500 Cats), but they hold a 12×16 format that can stack items just like trader’s/wooden backpacks. Alike thieves bags, wearing them don’t impact stats negatively. On the top of that, they gain a new texture, with natural and darker tones than vanilla’s but also far from that rude plain black thieves bags have. Some alternate colors are also available but they push and pull only slight different variations to stay in a lore-friendly range of saturations.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOD CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Implement two new backpacks that will appear in ‘adventurer shops’. Here is what they offer :

  • New bag, New item, New visual, New texture : If you know me well, you know that you can trust me on textures. What you have here is absolutely lore-friendly. Worked from vanilla asset, improved few details, overhauled contrasts, and now has multiples shades of colors. Gave it a color mood that will fit most the vanilla armor color tones (unlike vanilla ‘light brown piss’ bags). Cherry on the cake, it’s rather dark and stealthy (dark desaturated brown), but not dark enough to ruin the contrast like the thieves backpacks do. The two kind of size does not matter in a stat pov, it’s just there for you to choose the one you like the most, aesthetics purpose only (good luck if you want just one kind of bags for your whole crew though !).

  • One of the best container performances : With 12×16, those bags will shine between the large and medium kind of vanilla bags. They can cover the hold of the biggest weapons in the game (10-12 slots wide). And above everything they have the capacity to stack items up, at the same rate as wooden backpack (3-3x ratio). Still, unlike a lot of unbalanced backpack mods, I decided to stay away from any difficulty balance break, so it’s good but not ‘overpowered’. This is why these stats are not that crazy. (It’s precisely the reason why I made this mod, I just couldn’t find something that does not ruin the game’s difficulty)

  • A fair emcumbrance bonus : Exactly like thieves bags, Those sentry bags have a 0.4 encumbrance ratio, meaning they remove 60% of the weight of goods you hold within them. The best ratio you can find are 0.2 ans 0.3 but these are for animals. 0.4 is the maximum for humanoids.

  • No Penalties : Again, like thieves bags (Small one only actually), Those backpacks won’t alter any of your stats while your characters wear them. No bonus (of ♥♥♥♥♥♥’ course), but no penalties either.

  • An expensive price and a rare pop : Although they won’t come cheap and they only have 25% chance to pop in adventurer shop’s goods. 8500 Cats is what you’ll need for just one bag. You’ll probably have to grind a bit to earn your price, to finally get that good rewarding feeling we all love. It’s one of the very best of bags (if you don’t have other bag mods), still not OP, but I can guarrantee it’s probably gonna’ be your favourite.

  • Alternate colors : You can change the colors of the bags for an alternate color (same new color applied for all the sentry bags at once). There are 7 different choices so far and you need to do it manually in the mod’s folder. To do so, follow the last screenshot’s instruction steps. These alternate colors have voluntarily lore-friendly tones that will matches most vanilla game’s armors (never too saturated).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FORTHCOMING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Version 1.0 updated on 08/12/2021

It’s up to you if you want me to work more on this mod, you know what I would like you to do if you read this to the end !

Upcoming updates : More color options ? More improvements on texture ? Paintings/markings on bags ? Depends on my mood, the cheerings and motivation.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COMPATIBILITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tested with 50+ mods, this game has a pretty simple data architecture. It should be compatible with any other mods.

This mods might need a clear new game or a full import for old saves to work 100% properly, but I’m not sure. Because merchant’s item lists could be refreshed through old save.


Even if they represent hundred of working hours, i’m sharing my mods for free like most of mod creators. But deep down i’m really expecting you to do that little thing that would help me in my life : Liking my facebook artist page here [www.facebook.com]. Just that really ! It’s free and only taking few seconds of your time. I’m a comic/manga artist irl and as one, i struggle a lot to put my personal project on the saddle, by liking this page you will see my work & updates but no worry, i’m not a spam guy. Please, understand this is my biggest motivation fuel to make more new mods, otherwise i’m just loosing it. I deeply hope to see you guys joining me there, any new soldier in my ranks means a big deal to me.

For those who really want to make a donation, here is my paypal : shiroifushicho@gmail.com.

You can find all my mods by searching «Radiant» in steam workshop, nexus, or civfanatics, which is a recurrent word in all my mod’s tittles.

Download: Radiant Sentry Bags [2.5 MB] (2022-03-16)

Author: Shirohô

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